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It’s Sunday and I just started weight watchers Friday. I’m feeling a bit reflective.

It usually takes me a thousand tries before it sticks. I get sidetracked, I’m all over the map with my goals and I’m not a multitasker.

The reason I chose weight watchers again is because I don’t vilify food when on this program. It’s just food. It’s not bad or good. It’s super easy to do with the app, and if I need support I can attend a meeting.

If you really know me you know I eat a very healthy vegan diet, but it’s not enough. Portions, age related obstacles and the synthroid I take for hypothyroidism are all a part of my weight gain equation.

But that’s ok, I’m not looking backwards. I’m not going that way.

Those obstacles are not a dead end. I’m jumping over the road blocks, I’m finding how to navigate my vegan ways with some semblance of balance. If I want toast with coffee I will have toast with coffee, but I count it and usually don’t eat bread the rest of the day. It’s about the little choices you make that will help you journey to your destination.

Exercise is huge. I couldn’t do it without movement. I will keep working on it to be as fit as this body will be.

The one thing I do know, when my food feels in control and balanced everything else follows. My journey this time is not that much different than it was in July 2013 when I began mychangeforaten. I am better and chasing goals, better at life when my food is in control. 

Today is a great day for change. As my husband James always says, don’t think, just do. He also says don’t live in fear, because if you do, you are not living at all. I think we can all relate to fear after the last year and a half. 

Live, and thrive today. You can’t make a difference in the world if you do not take care of your health. We want you here. So if you need to change, today is a great day for change. Begin Today. In six months you will thank your younger self. 

Love and Light, 




Happy Sunday to all.


Sunday is the last day of my work week, I am off Mondays & Tuesdays. Sunday is the day I reflect in gratitude and plan my goals for the week. I am always looking for inspiration, and I believe there is inspiration everywhere. I try not to focus on worries and the hardships of life. If I succumb to that, I will be unhappy and lose sight of my goals and dreams. Life is beautiful, but it definitely is not easy. Nothing of worth is easy.

I met someone this week named Guy who told me when you find yourself feeling caught up in your troubles, to Let Go and Let God. I found those words to be so poetic and powerful; to let it go, and give it to God to take care of. It doesn’t matter if you do not believe in God or if you are not a spiritual being, you can let it go, and leave it to the universe. To release your worries and let go is the best way to move forward in my opinion. if you hold onto stress and pain, it only hinders your health and well being. I believe health goes beyond just the body. I am trying to be healthy and happy in mind, body, heart and soul. 

So today, I will Let Go, and Let God. I will focus on the beauty of nature. I will be silent and meditate as I do my morning yoga, reflecting on my gratitude of life. I have so many goals as I move forward in 2017, but today I will just be. I will be grateful for my life and loved ones, for the food I eat, and the nature my eyes get to see as I do my runs and walks.

Today, I will Let Go, and Let God








A goal is a dream with a deadline.

Napoleon Hill



A few months ago I posted my intention to do a ten month countdown to my 50th Birthday on December 21st. I planned to go hard-core on my diet, my exercise and yoga goals. Then life happened, we decided to move suddenly and transition got in the way of training and my countdown goal.

I love a good deadline, I actually thrive when I am challenged. In the beginning of this blog I went hard-core and it worked, I thrived and lost the bulk of my weight. Now I find myself within transition, finding my footing back to what works for me. 

I have decided to begin my countdown to my 50th Birthday after all. I will begin on June 20th, which is the summer solstice and I will keep going until I get to my goal date of my birthday which falls on the winter solstice on December 21st 2016. 

I am settling in Los Angeles and figuring things out here in the city where I began this blog. Are things still crazy and chaotic? Of course they are, that is one of the reasons I am doing this challenge. I need it now more than ever.

I will be doing a charity every ten pounds, but I am not putting a time limit on how fast I will lose my weight. The goal is to get healthier, eat cleaner, and be in the best physical shape for me at this point in my life; all while still helping others in the process. I wish to be the at my personal best inside and out when I turn 50.

I will be sharing everything I am doing to get there, almost as personal as reality television. I plan to be honest and authentic. I hope you can join me as I travel on my latest journey, I can use cheerleaders to help me as I take my first baby steps on this new path. One never travels completely alone. We are all in this life together. I learned that through this blog and I am grateful to all the beautiful souls that now grace my days as dear friends. Thank you for being a part of my journey.

To be happy you must own who you are, treasure who you are and do not measure your life in numbers, You can do anything, be anything if you believe in the light that burns in your soul. 

I look to the trees for inspiration, they are our ancient mentors. Standing tall and graceful, weathering storms and waiting patiently to bask in the sun.

I was born on the shortest day of the year with the least amount of daytime, but it was that darkness that brought me into the light. Like the trees, I wait patiently to have my moment in the sun. I  will continue to work hard to make that moment happen.

Love and light,

Rose Bruno Bailey





Humility, that low, sweet root, from which all heavenly virtues shoot.

Thomas Moore


I used to think I was too lucky to be so happy-go-lucky.  I would wake up happy for no reason. Nothing would get me down. I was just happy to wake up, grateful for my morning breath as well as my morning cup of steaming coffee. I could say I am an optimist, but let’s be honest here. I am a part-time optimist when things are going in my favor. It is easy to be breezy when life is going well with no complications. Part of my happiness has been haunted by this little apparition standing behind me taunting me with what if’s. It is one of the reasons I avoid trips to the doctor. What if the rug is pulled out under my feet? What if this natural state of euphoria I live in is a hoax or a false reality? What if something happens to test how optimistic I really am? What if I am just a walking, talking fraud? What if?

I have been in a crisis for quite some time now. My crisis came to a crescendo when I stopped working on my goals. I just stopped in November. I stopped working out, I stopped running, I stopped eating healthy and I stopped hoping.  The stress was manageable until I stopped being me and working on everything I had been so proud of for the last few years. Stress and his sidekick anxiety grabbed me by the lapel, shook me until I was left humbled and left me with bigger problems to face. Weight gain, depression, anxiety. It is easy to indulge your inner pessimist and wallow in your woes when you surrender way too easily. The hard part is fighting back.  The biggest challenge is to kick depression and anxiety to the curb, escape their dark clutches and find your way back into the sunlight. That is where it is warm, that is where you can reboot and find the answers you seek. Hope is seen in the refection of the sunlight dancing off the pavement. Go there and try to hear the music.

I stayed home tonight to deal with some pressing personal issues, and I realized even though I am not yet doing what I love full-time, doing a job that is a means to an end is a gift and definitely not a given. I am blessed to work in a place that is lively, where the people are kind and sincere and genuinely care about each other. Staying away does not help my cause, it just hinders it. I need to face that music I spoke of, fight back my demons and be grateful for every light filled opportunity I have to better our lives. We all have a little meek in us, as well as a little mighty.  Here I am, a new published author and a waitress, both are equally important to me.

We are human, and we all face certain hardships from time to time. There is dirt below our toes that keeps us literally down to earth. I realized this as I was watching the news, and seeing people in crises far worse than my own and I felt shamed. Young and old battling diseases and health problems, tornadoes, tragic accidents. It is an old cliché’ but it could be worse. There are levels of lows, and barometers of strength.

I have been up and down, and with a new dawn and a new year approaching I am going to find my way back up to the top of the cliff. That is where I can feel closest to the sun. If you need me in 2016 I will be basking in the promise of tomorrow with my brand new sun-kissed outlook. Back to my working out and all of the goals that I chose to chase when I began this blog. I look forward to getting high on endorphins and on life.

I am a work in progress but the sun will rise tomorrow, and it gives each and every one of us another chance to start over. I will rise up with the sun and take each and every new beginning that comes my way. I may not be perfect, but I am breathing; there is coffee brewing and all is well with the world.

With love and light





unnamed (3)

This month is my two-year anniversary of this blog, and I feel I have been a success with losing and keeping off over 50 lbs yet I also feel I have only scratched the surface. I have a lot of goals and projects in the works as I type this. My plan is to take everything to another level, but I admit moving nine months ago from LA to the San Francisco Bay Area shook up my world and my plans.

With a blog comes a sense of transparency, yet I have kept some of my issues and worries to myself and have not been public with a lot of the things that have been bothering me.  I have chosen to stay silent with the negative aspects of my life. We all have things happen to us, that is life. It is how we choose to deal with these events that shows our true character and spirit.

We moved, and with a big move you would expect there to be unpacking, and that knowing feeling that there is a permanency with the move. Hanging the photos and getting excited about your new home and space. Well around February we found out that our landlord was selling our condo we rent, the condo we moved into with hopes of starting over. All of a sudden home was not a home, and there was that fear that we would have to move again. In hindsight, I almost wished we would have picked another place to live. Realtors, showings, the uncertainty of our living future took over our day to day life. 

It seems the unit was sold to an investor, and it is looking like we can stay yet I do not hold my breath. I am, however going to try to move forward and let the whole situation be. Like they say, whatever will be, will be. With that thought process I have decided I would like to turn my patio into a yoga space. I am looking for ideas and I plan to make it a place where I can practice at home, as well as spend time reading or drinking coffee. It has been nine months and I am ready to make a home.


We have not decided yet if living in the San Francisco Bay Area is for us in the long run, but for now I plan to make the best of it. Exploring all of the majestic beauty this part of California has to offer. Life is short and I refuse to let problems define me or my goals. Time to shine with the NorCal sun.





I think to be fit in body one must be fit in mind and spirit. I am a firm believer in a mind/body/spirit connection.  It all begins in our thoughts, and  our thoughts can be transformed into actions. I am one who finds solace in nature, and creating art. Working out helps balance my happiness as well as my fitness, as does channeling my creative and philanthropic side. When I do cardio, I prefer to do so outdoors so I can benefit from what I call mobile meditation. I get lost, I am a wanderer, wondering always about what is to come and pushing the limits on my dreams. The sky is the limit and I am forever reaching in my sun salutations for the sun above. I find weight loss is not such a lofty goal when you finally make the connection.
Check out my facebook page to see some of the tree photos I snapped on my running path.
Friday night my workout was done at midnight, yes it was late but I preferred to do it after my ten hour day rather than before. Skipping is not an option for me. When I began this project I promised myself when I commit to something I will follow through. I say it, and it gets done. I also walked two miles yesterday but I admit I did not eat nearly enough. I will have to improve upon that.
Today is day seven of MelissaBender Fitness workouts, and day seven of being her fitness ambassador.
Yesterdays workout was awesome and I really worked up a sweat. It is amazing how everything else in life feels right on point and happiness quota rises as if on steroids when you get high off your own endorphins.
I am so grateful for this life I live and it never escapes me that so many people are struggling and my heart always goes out to them. That is one reason I do this project, to do a little to make a difference.  Yesterday I met a young girl who is obviously battling cancer, but her smile on her face could light up a starless sky. Inspiration comes in so many forms. Her radiance and positive attitude will stay with me as I continue on in my own journey of this elusive phase we call life, loving every second of feeling totally and utterly alive yet never taking it for granted.
May the sun bring you warmth and the stars light your path
Love and Light

I announced yesterday that I am a fitness ambassador for MelissaBenderFitness and I begin my workouts on Monday the 5th of January.  I am doing her three month Bikini Competition Prep workouts that she used before she competed and placed in a bikini competition.  I have three goals I am working towards in the next three months. To finish the three month workout plan and to become strong enough to take trapeze classes, and to develop my home yoga practice supplemented with studio time. I will also be choosing a charity to assist as well.

I am also going to be following how she eats, yet gearing it for me and my own personal tastes and lifestyle. It is very similar to how I normally eat, and the way I ate to lose my first 45 lbs. 

Here is the link to her grocery list. My husband and I went shopping and bought food for weeks, which will help me be consistent and not have to run to the grocery store every day like I did when we lived in West Hollywood. The lifestyle if different here in San Francisco than it was in  LA so I must plan ahead to be successful.

I am truly excited for the beginning the workouts, and getting ready and strong enough to take Trapeze Classes as well as developing my yoga practice.  Beginning the new year on a right note.

Love and Light 





I am humbled I get to see another birthday in this beautiful universe we call home, and honored to have so many loves in my life. I was born on the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year with the least amount of light yet I have always felt enveloped my the saffron wonder above. My plan is just to spread the sunshine everywhere I go. Love and light to all.

I am so excited to announce what is to come in 2015, but for now a fun day with my husband James to celebrate my day I was born day.



Happy Sunday. I am in the Holiday spirit, my town home apartment is a work in progress but feeling more like home. I am getting adjusted to my new place of living. San Francisco is an amazing place to be and I choose to embrace it with both arms.

I have exciting news for this project, which I will be announcing a day or two before the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve

In the meantime I am out for now. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. Love and Light to all.






Happy Pride Day LA. I wish all of my friends a beautiful and safe day celebrating out in West Hollywood CA. Remember, we are all one connected to the core that is our humanity.

I have decided to bake today, and in honor of LA Pride I baked a Berry Coffee Cake and renamed it Rainbow Berry Coffee Cake.

I bought Trader Joe’s Multigrain Baking and Pancake Mix, and inspired by their recipe on the box made my own version with some healthy changes.

You will need:

Trader Joe’s Multigrain  Baking and Pancake Mix, or another brand if you please Use 2 1/2 cups

1 egg

1 cup low fat buttermilk, I substituted low fat milk

3 tablespoons oil, I used extra virgin oil because that is all I had, but you can use vegetable oil 

1 bag Trader Joe’s frozen mixed berries no additional sugar (I used most of the bag)

1/2 cup raw sugar, or sugar or agave

Preheat oven to 350 degrees 

In a large bowl mix together  1 egg,  1 cup low fat milk and  3 tablespoons oil.  Stir in 2 1/2 cups Trader Joe’s Multigrain Baking and Pancake mix and  1/2 cup sugar. Fold in almost a full bag of frozen berries but make sure to thaw the bag first. I used most of the full bag, I wanted tons of berries.

Mix well and spray a glass pie pan with cooking spray. Spread evenly in pan and bake for 45-50 minutes or until the top is golden brown and a wooden toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Let cool for ten minutes and serve this not so decadent treat with your favorite coffee or tea. I am of course practicing self control over the portion size. It was oh so delicious.

This recipe is very low cholesterol, low fat, low sugar, high fiber and whole grain. It is a little higher in sodium than I usually eat but it is an occasional treat. 

It was the perfect Sunday accompaniment for some quiet reflection on life before I have to get moving and work out. No rest for the weary, but who is weary anyway? I love working out,yoga, meditation and dancing, and I forgot how I much I love to bake and cook. Sundays are a great reminder to slow down and smell the roses and LA Pride is a reminder to wear your colors with confidence. Be you, your best authentic self always; critics be damned. 
Gotta love life.

Love, Light to all.
After all Namaste’ means we are all one