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I have lost 33 pounds so far.

People often ask me how I am losing weight. This blog is my journey to lose weight, get back into my former dancer’s shape and make a difference in the world by sponsoring a charity with every ten pounds I lose. To accomplish all of this is taking a tremendous amount of hard work and determination. In between picking and planning which charities I will assist, comes the day to day work. The dieting, the exercise, finding my zen and my mind and body connection. Every now and then some fun comes up and I am challenged, but the hard work never takes a break or a vacation. It has been an incredible, adventurous journey and I am loving the ride.

With all of that said, my wonderful friend Melissa Bender at MelissaBenderfitness. com has suggested I share what I am doing to be successful. She said even though this is a journey blog and not an instructional blog, that I should still share what I am doing to get to where I am now and where I am going. So here goes. These are the 12 steps I follow to be a success with my plans. I have many more steps but these are the ones I follow consistently.

#1. I drink 16 oz of water upon waking and when retiring at the end of the evening. I drink water all day long, I try to never let myself become dehydrated. I also drink pure coconut water daily. 

#2 I Eat tons of produce, fruits and vegetables. I do not omit certain ones, I eat them all. First thing every morning is a banana with my water. 

#3 I never skip my morning meal. I probably should eat more than I do in the am, but at 6 am I eat what my stomach can handle. I am obsessed with Think Thin protein bars. They are gluten and sugar free and offer 20 grams of protein. They taste amazing with coffee, and they are what I have been eating since July every morning along with my fruit.

#4. I eat with moderation in mind. No food is off limits, but with that said I cannot tell you the last time I indulged on a big fatty meal. My portions are in check and I use the 90% rule. The majority of what I eat is clean and good for my body.

Everything in moderation, including moderation.” Oscar Wilde

#5. We rarely eat out because it is challenging, but when I do I am still in check. When I order salads I always request oil and vinegar instead of dressing. I eat egg white omelettes at brunch with tons of veggies, and the only cheese I will have is feta and just a bit. I love greek omelettes. I make my health a priority and I do not undo my weekday hard work at one weekend meal.

#6. I exercise 5-6 times a week. Twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays I work out with my Trainer Mike. I do yoga 3-5 times a week and I walk/run as much as I can. I stretch every morning and every evening. Movement is key to my success, but it helps living in this mild California climate.

#7. I am now following Weight Watchers online, it helps me keep in check. I joined after Christmas because I found I was being too strict with my food.  I needed this to slow down and breathe. I have a history of eating disorders and doing Weight Watchers helps remind me that food is not the enemy. I love that I can eat what I want and lose weight. I believe nutrition is healing.

#8. I know there is often a carb and sugar backlash, but I enjoy those things in moderation as well. I use real raw sugar in my morning two cups of coffee, and I eat a few servings of delicious whole grain foods. I love Ezekial Bread when it is toasted, and so does my husband James. It is a spelt bread, so full of natural wonders for the body. I rarely eat white flour, but when I do I do not beat myself up.

#9. I follow a routine Monday through Friday. It keeps me on track and truthful even though it can be hectic. I am up at 6 or 7 am daily and I go to sleep no later than 10 pm.

#10. I never touch artificial sweeteners. I believe they are poison to our livers and our bodies. If for some reason I want a soda, I drink the real deal, bottled with real cane sugar. They call them Mexican Cokes here because in Mexico they still make the sodas the pure, old fashioned way. When I am out with friends I drink sparking water with lime.

#11. I weigh myself every week, same time, same place and then I move on until next week. My diet is healthy, I watch my sodium and eat as many pure foods as I can find. 

#12. I spend as much time outdoors as I can. I believe nature is healing. I work out with my Trainer Mike outdoors, and I walk/run outdoors. I try to make “play” time and make it to the beach to go walking even if it is chilly. I spend time in the sun and under the stars.


I climbed to the roof to see what lies ahead off in the distant horizon,
and it is as lovely as the sea and the sunshine.

I lost a pound this week, woo hoo.

Good morning to all. I love weighing in on Saturdays. It gets me ready for my weekend on a bright and positive note, and if I gain I know to change things up and not undo my hard work because it is the weekend. Today I lost another pound, bringing my weight to 174 lbs. It is my lowest weight so far, and I am so thrilled. I went from 207 last January, to 197 when I started this project. So for the sake of this project I have lost 23 lbs since July, and 33 since January. It is a slow weight loss, and I am happy with it being so. I was at a party in December and I spent the evening talking to a cardiologist, and he explained losing a pound a week is completely healthy and you will definitely keep it off. I had been on a plateau during December but since January I have broken the plateau.

I am so excited I am so close to being in the 160’s. That feels so amazing, and I am so proud. I am also proud of how far I have come in my fitness journey. My workouts with my Trainer Mike are really starting to evolve since I am becoming much stronger. We are going to incorporate  a lot of various styles of working out. I told him martial arts interest me so we may try to mix it up even more. I am having a blast, I enjoy my workouts, my yoga, and walking and running. I am changing my mind as well as my body and it feels so good.

Today my husband James is attending the Winter Classic Hockey game so I am having lunch with my friend Francie from The Richard Simmons Video. She is a wonderful and supportive friend, and I am blessed to have met her and all of my new friends I am encountered since I started this journey. My life has taken a new direction, sometimes you just have to turn at the fork in the road and see what the unknown holds.

Happy Weekend to all,
Love and Light,


My workouts with Mike my trainer at the park were on back to back days, Wednesday and Thursday. They are really evolving and I am so thankful to him and happy for my progress so far. I have noticed my appetite seems increased, and I have been eating too little. I tried to eat a little more today and I felt super strong during my workout. I am also trying to make an effort to get in enough calcium. I am a work in progress as far as my eating habits are concerned. I tend not to eat enough when I feel rushed. I am trying to stop that and make sure I fuel before I work out and hydrate with water and coconut water.

The park tonight was kind of quiet, except for a lot of dogs. I fall in love with the dogs there, they run up to greet us and make it difficult to work. Today we met Mrs Jones and a large poodle named Beatrice. I swear West Hollywood is animal heaven.

I am wiped out so this is a short post, when I am tired I cannot think straight.It will be an early night for me. I need a good nights sleep. Working out makes me hungry and tired.

Wishing you love and light.


Getting to where you want to go takes effort, flexibility, and consistency. Losing weight when you are no longer young is not easy but it is attainable. It just takes a longer. I finally broke my plateau and I am 2 lbs into my best 10 lbs. I am thinking what my next charity will be. I have decided my 40 lb charity is the virtual baby shower for Project Cuddle, so I need something I can do for my 30 lb charity. I am brainstorming at the moment.

Tonight is my one of my workouts with Mike my personal trainer. We are working out this week tonight and tomorrow. I was away so of course I only had the chance to go walking on my weekend. I really like exercising outside, it makes me feel so centered and whole.I call it outdoor mobile meditation. I took a lot of photos this weekend, and I was happy with them even though I am about 40 lbs from my final goal. I am almost at the half way mark. My husband reminds me of that when I get frustrated. Half way there, almost.

Getting back into a sleep rhythm is important as well, I am just starting to feel like my sleep is back on track. Sleep is so important for health. Exercise, nutrition, sleep, and nurturing your mind are all key for happiness. I believe keeping your creative juices flowing helps with feeling like you are ageless. When you create you feel alive.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day.
Love and Light


Nature feeds your soul, and this tree was on my bucket list for California. It is the largest Fig Tree in the USA. The beauty and size were unparalleled. I had goosebumps, the same type of goosebumps I had when I saw the ocean for the first time.

You are not supposed to jump the barrier but I did, I had to take photos with my tree. Look how massive it is. 

The Pillars of Wisdom

The trees of life
Inspire to stand tall,
Grow old with grace;
Offer uplifted palms 
To those in need
Of shelter and shade
From the erratic
Elements of earth.
The trees of life
Teach patience;
Tolerance of strangers,
Fighting against prejudices.
All are welcome under
Their emerald canopies,
Be it animal
Bird or human.
The trees of life
Nurture passion,
Opening to all who
Weather their storms.
Embracing the breeze
And the warmth from
The mesmerizing kiss
Of the scorch of the sun.
The trees of life
Show beauty is timeless,
Greenery does not fade
As does fleeting years of youth.
Faith in mother nature,
Every winter is followed
By blossoming months
Of an expectant spring.
The trees of life
Our ancient mentors,
Surviving mortality;
Reaching for the heavens.
I am a mere pupil
Hair swaying in the wind,
Never taking for granted
The life of trees.
(c) Rose Bruno Bailey


Last week after my outdoor workout with my trainer Mike, I went to the yoga studio. I was speaking to the kind staff member and he asked me where I work out. When I told him I exercise in the outdoors, he said how wonderful he thought that was. He said working out in the open space of a park is so grounding, leaving me connected to the earth. I could not agree more, I do feel extremely grounded and centered since I started this project last July. The last time I spent time outdoors on this level I must have been under the age of twelve. I have found my inner child, carefree and connected to the soil below my feet. I am doing more than changing my health and body, and helping others. I am evolving my soul. I practice mobile meditation when I work out. The soil is grounding my soul.

I was lucky to have a wonderful weekend. Friday was The Eagles concert, a band who often sang about California and the desert. Their lyrics seem to mimic my new found feeling. We have been in Santa Barbara for the remainder of the weekend, staying at the oldest hotel in California dated back to 1871, The Upham Hotel.  Talk about getting back to roots, it feels as if I have time traveled. I should be basking in the sun holding a parasol and not a computer. The people here are so lovely, and the scenery makes me breathless.

Speaking of getting back to my roots and feeling grounded, I got the chance to visit the largest Fig Tree in the USA, The Moreton Fig Tree in Santa Barbara California. It is a breathtaking sight, the root system is massive and like nothing I have ever seen ever. We had a surprise gift and met up with friends who joined us for the day. This lovely couple really seems to get the bigger picture. I think they were as excited as me to see this tree, they are just as obsessed with trees as I am. I am in awe of the trees here, and seeing this awe inspiring work of art from Mother Nature was such a gift.

I will take this grounded, centered feeling with me as I return home and back to my routine of working out, yoga and life. I shall revel in the simple moments as well as the grand, and I will always have gratitude for life. My husband James told me yesterday he has never seen anyone more full of life than me, which is the biggest compliment a woman can receive from her husband.

Wishing you a very Happy Martin Luther King Jr day. We are all connected to the core that is out humanity, connected to the earth and one another.
Love and Light,


Hello to all and Happy Sunday and Martin Luther King Day tomorrow. Here are some updated photos of our first weekend away since Palm Springs.James does not always like to be in photos so it is just me.  32 pounds gone, and about 30-40 more to go. I am happy with the results so far but I have a lot more hard work to do. Wishing you a beautiful bright Sunday. Namaste’ Love and Light.


It is a busy weekend and I have not had much time to post. Yesterday was the Eagles concert at the Forum in Los Angeles and today we are in beautiful Santa Barbara staying at the oldest California hotel, The Upham Hotel. We are here through the weekend, and the building leaves me completely speechless. Right now I am just sitting by a warm fire in the main area of the hotel as I post this blog entry. I could get used to writing in such a setting.

This morning I did weigh in, and I stayed exactly the same. Well, I lost about a half of a pound but that is it. I am happy with it, since last week I did lose four whole pounds. My weekend will consist of walking since I will not have a chance to workout or do yoga.

There is something so serene about sitting in a room dated as far back as the 1800’s. They have tea, coffee, cocoa, and milk and cookies set out for the guests. I think I am in wholesome heaven. I just want to sit here all night and write til my heart is content. Right now James has retired back to the room and I am still sitting in front of the fireplace. I am soaking in every last ember, my soul is all warm and fuzzy.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. I believe tomorrow is never promised so live life now. Get out there, do what makes you happy. Make others happy. Give in, give back, give a care to how you spend your days. Less complaining, more gratitude. Appreciating the simple as well as the grand moments in life. Life is a gift, so live it now in the present.

Love and Light
Happy weekend


Sometimes you hear a phrase in a particular setting that can have relevance in life. I work out with my trainer Mike and he taught me to breath into it when I am stretching. It is similar to what Nicole my wonderful yoga teacher taught me about the difference between pain and sensation. I think the phrase “Breath Into It” can have an impact in all arenas of life. Having a bad day? Slow down, breath into it, catch yourself before you fall. It can make all the difference in the world when you get out of your body and into your heart. I would say get into your head but unfortunately sometimes our minds move all too quickly and it may be hard to breath when your thoughts are racing. Find your heart center, and breath into it. Everything is will be fine if you just breath.

I am excited beyond measure, James and I are attending The Eagles concert tonight at the re-opening of the Forum Theater in Los Angeles. ironically enough this concert will leave me breathless, but in a good kind of way. I am moved easily and the Eagles are such an Iconic Band. They traveled to Joshua Tree State Park in California to get inspiration, and their cover photo of one of their albums was shot there. If you listen to the lyrics of Peaceful Easy Feeling you can get a sense that the inspiration came from that moment in the desert. I cannot wait for tonight. Hotel California here we come.

                                                     Peaceful Easy Feeling”

I like the way your sparkling earrings lay,
Against your skin, it’s so brown.
And I wanna sleep with you in the desert tonight
With a billion stars all around.

‘Cause I got a peaceful easy feeling,
And I know you won’t let me down
’cause I’m already standing on the ground.

And I found out a long time ago
What a woman can do to your soul.
Oh, but she can’t take you anyway,
You don’t already know how to go.

And I got a peaceful easy feeling,
And I know you won’t let me down
’cause I’m already standing on the ground.

I get this feeling I may know you as a lover and a friend.
But this voice keeps whispering in my other ear,
Tells me I may never see you again.

’cause I get a peaceful easy feeling
And I know you won’t let me down
’cause I’m already standing…
I’m already standing…
Yes, I’m already standing on the ground
Oh, oh
                                                                  The Eagles



I saw a viral video today on the Internet, it is of a man in  Speedo doing aerobics on the beach. He is really getting into the moves and is obviously having a blast, with not a care of what others think of him. I know what you are thinking, Speedos are so tacky but he was shaking his thang with not one care in the world.  He was in his own space, moving and having fun and at the same getting healthy. It made me smile from ear to ear because we should all live our lives this way. We should get into a non judgemental space, for others and our selves. Live like a kid, who cares who is watching. Have the time of your life. Life is short so live it now, with freedom and abandon.

This video reminded me of a visit to Coney Island with James. We were standing on the pier watching the waves and doing a little people watching. There was this boy, he must have been around twelve and he was running in and out of the waves in only his underpants without a care in the universe. He was enjoying the waves and did not give a hoot if anyone was watching. We should all ride the waves of life without the silly worry of what others may think of us. Dive in, get wet, be silly, just live.

Today is my second workout for the week with my trainer Mike. I am sore in places I have not been sore in a long while and that is good.  I remember Last July when I began this project I did not know Mike very well and I worried what he thought of me. I was overweight and I felt awkward with the exercises. Shame on me for worrying about how I appeared to others. I was getting healthy and helping others. We all need to not care what people think, it is our own opinion that matters. Not that Mike was judgmental, actually he is probably the furthest thing from judgmental but in the beginning that is how I felt weighing close to 200lbs. Never again will I worry what people think of me, I shall live like a kid without a lick of a care of others thoughts.  Lesson learned from a dancing man on the beach wearing only a Speedo.

Wishing you a day of abandon, freedom, and fun.
Love and Light.