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Today is the true beginning to my wellness journey. Last week I didn’t begin eating whole foods-plant based because we ended up with vegan holiday junk food left over from the holiday. We are on a very strict budget so we decided to finish what we had on hand rather than toss it into the trash. No guilt, we are grateful for the food and now we are moving towards plant based wellness. The plan was to begin fresh on Monday which is today.

I have a very long grocery list I will share soon, but to be painfully honest I am trying to pay off some of our bills and debt and we are on a food budget. I did get the necessities to begin with, and we plan on doing a small food haul today or tomorrow. We have the basic tools to begin. I may start posting my meals for each day so we can share this journey together. Each day is a day I go after my larger goals by eating for wellness and moving my body in fitness. Each day I take the necessary steps that are a part of every day living, like brushing my teeth. I am not worried about a quick fix to look skinnier. Each day I take a baby step to success. Big leaps will come later when I am fit enough to take them.

Today I began my day with two slices of gluten free bread with my coffee. After my coffee I indulged in a green smoothie and a green water chaser. You may be asking what a green water chaser is? First, let me share with you my green smoothie. Kale, spinach, hemp seeds, flax seeds, banana and one cup of organic soy milk. After I had my smoothie I blended two more cups of kale and spinach and water, and drank my green water. I know what you are thinking, but it doesn’t taste bad. I plan to get as many living foods into my temple as possible. I am getting my glow on from the inside out. This is what makes me feel alive, energetic and ageless. I love eating plants.

Tonight I am making spit pea soup, all homemade. I first make homemade vegetable broth. I am eating whole foods-plant based with minimum salt, oil and sugar. I will season my soup with back pepper, basil and a touch of sea salt. I will post the recipe soon. My hubby likes to eat his soup with bread so Ezekiel toast it is.

This is a brand new journey, and I am navigating this while working almost 40 hours serving in a restaurant. This is not easy, and on most days I may be doing my workouts after work around 11 pm. Today is my day off, so I will be working out earlier. I plan to revisit my Youtube channel as soon as I get a tripod, no one wants to watch videos in selfie mode. Baby steps.

I hope you are having a wonderful beginning to 2019. I have so many plans, but I am beginning with the basics. Like in the Sound of Music when Julie Andrews sings, let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start.

Begin with me, there is no day like today. Let’s do this. Love and Light.



Today was weigh in Wednesday, the first weigh in of the New Year. I gained 6 lbs between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but that is ok. I am only going forward from this moment on. No longer will I be looking back at past successes and failures. This is a brand new journey starting in 2019. I will change my whole life this year, beginning with my health and fitness. I have weighed in at 186 lbs. My goal for the year is to be in the 150’s and possibly the 140’s.

I am keeping this short and sweet today, I have a full day. I will be posting my whole foods-plant based grocery list tomorrow. Happy New Beginnings to all.

Have a wonderful day