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I woke up this morning a little bit more tired than usual. I have two beloved Siamese cats, Rascal and Spanky, and they take to waking me up every morning at three am chewing the air conditioner cords. It has taken it’s toll since it happens every night. So today, I must shake off the slight sleepiness I feel and drink a full cup of coffee not only for the taste but the jolt as well. I love my cats with all my being but I need to figure out how to get them not to chew on cords. 



As of Monday my weight is 193. I have been walking outdoors daily for one hour a day. Yesterday I worked out with Mike, trainer and friend. We went to the gym and did an endurance test basically. I walked one mile fast and he recorded my heart rate. Then it got a little more challenging. He instructed me to walk and each minute raise the incline until it was at ten, and after walk down to zero. That is not easy if you are not used to walking on an incline, but I could feel how good it is for you. I did make the mistake of forgetting my water bottle, I think I would not have struggled if I would have remembered to hydrate more. I will try that on my own this week, thanks to Mike who is teaching me to mix it up so my body does not get used to the same old same old. I am so open to any exercise except stairs, I hate, hate stairs. I know that means somewhere in my future we may climb stairs. For some reason that is so hard for me, well that and burpees and running. I am a work in progress. I am extremely grateful for the professional expertise and support and hopefully soon I will be in better shape to tackle anything, including stairs. I do feel stronger already and I am down four pounds. I am getting closer to meeting Mel and the whole selfless group at the Monday Night Mission, feeding the homeless and hungry will be so rewarding. I get fitness and health, and to help make a difference in the lives of others, how amazing is that!

I am so excited for Richard Simmons class tomorrow, and I will post new weekly photos. My friend Francie, who I met at the video shoot is joining me for class. We have so many things in common, and similarities are uncanny. We have lived the same places, both studied theater and dance in college, to name just a few. She called me her secret twin and she is amazing.  I feel blessed to be making such amazing new friends with this My Change For A Ten project. I would not have known Francie nor Mike, or all the wonderful people I have met at class if I did not take on this idea to lose weight and sponsor a charity with every ten pounds. If anyone knows me I love meeting new people and making new friends. You never know who you may meet. Doing this project is putting me out there to have the opportunity to come in contact with like minded individuals and I am thankful for that as well.

I have not lost that much yet but my confidence is slowly returning. I have decided to attend a poetry reading in the near future and to start getting my work out there like it was in NYC. It is time and I cannot wait. There are a few places, one in Hollywood on Thursday nights and one in Venice on Sundays so it does not conflict with my schedule. My wonderful friend Xiomara said she would love to attend with me.  No more putting off things, if I say I want to do something, I plan on following through. No more procrastination. As the Nike advertisement states, just do it!!
Love and Light


Kristen and Milo

The last few days my heart has been heavy, my friend  Kristen in Pittsburgh PA lost her cat Milo last week. She searched endlessly, posting fliers, sharing his photo on the Internet and searching for him on foot. The one thing she did not do, she never ever gave up hope. Finding her beautiful cat Milo was her number one mission and today I am happy to say I woke up to the happy news that he is finally back by her side. 

To never give up hope, that can be a hard one. Yes, sometimes in life problems seem to big to tackle and it is easier to admit defeat. This is a lesson to me as I continue My Change For A Ten that hope is never lost. To persevere even when things are difficult or downright impossible. Another thing I have learned is we are never in it alone. People are truly amazing. Kristen had the whole community at her side helping her find her beloved Milo. 

Yesterday I was on the bus and I glanced at my hand mirror, and thought I have so much weight to lose as I looked at my refection. A few seconds later an elderly woman sat next to me and smiled. She literally touched my face and told me in broken English I had a beautiful face. I thanked her and told her she did as well. We smiled at each other as I exited the bus and I was shamed that I had a moment of self doubt again. She gave me a life lesson at the very moment it was needed. Beauty is not measured by age, or size, just heart. 

I made my way to my weigh in at Weight Watchers, and I lost three more pounds making the total four pounds.  I also went to buy new work pants and I went down a size from a 16 to a 14.  I was very, very happy and pleased with myself.  I was so grateful to the elderly lady and her message I am beautiful regardless of my size.  From here on out I will try not to succumb to such negative self banter. 

I could not go this distance by myself, and I am blessed to have so many supportive people in my corner. I know I have a long journey ahead of me, to sponsor a charity with every ten pounds I lose and to keep the weight off for good, but kind words from a stranger and today’s news about Milo returning home reminded me I will never give up hope either and I am not in this alone. Thanks Kristen!!  🙂
Love and Light


 Beautiful large tree in West Los Angeles shared with me by a friend who knows my love of trees.

Good morning, another Monday is upon us, and another weigh in for me.  I feel so confident I did well this week. I have kept up on all of my diet and exercise and have not given in when people have tried to tempt me to eat something I do not want to eat. I will post my new weight tomorrow. I definitely feel lighter and my work clothes are already getting big on me, which is wonderful. I know I have a long way to go though but I will keep forging forward. As of last week my weight was 196. It helps knowing so many people inspirational people. We are never in it alone.

My wonderful friend Ally asked me to post some quotes, I have often written quotes along with my poetry for years and she has as well. We have posted them on our Facebook pages for inspiration and motivation so I decided to share a few here. Melissa and I have talked about writing a positive affirmations type of book together after my poetry book is done. I hope you enjoy some of my own quotes I have written over the years. Happy Monday Love and Light to all.

Pick and choose your role models carefully. Remember the one quality in common all Disney princesses possessed, they were kind to all creatures of the universe. The practiced giving and they were never demanding. In fact I think it was always witches or wicked stepsisters that displayed selfish and mean tendencies. Rose Bruno Bailey

Take the time for others, pay attention. Life is a gift, and sharing kindness should be a given. No one should ever be treated as invisible. Rose Bruno Bailey 

Never take no for an answer, you hold the keys even if they do not fit. When a door locks, shatter a window!!! Rose Bruno Bailey

Explore the world, your dreams, yourself. Rose Bruno Bailey

Regrets are a waste of energy and emotion. You can pirouette in circles and spin out of control if you do not choose to live your true authentic life.

I  was born on December 21st, the winter solstice, shortest day of the year with the least amount of light, yet I have always felt enveloped by the saffron wonder above. Rose Bruno Bailey

Revisit yesterday’s passions and reinvent them into today’s resolutions. Be patient in your quest, remember to crawl before you walk. Enjoy the process of realizing your dreams and eliminating past regrets. As long as you are breathing you have the opportunity to begin anew.  Rose Bruno Bailey

Take a deep breathe and try to find a little calm within the everyday chaos. Rose Bruno Bailey

Change your perspective, go on new adventures, meet new people, it will enrich your soul and transform your life. Rose Bruno Bailey

I am in awe of the trees in Los Angeles. I live in an area where all you see are Bentley’s, Ferrari’s, and Lamborghini’s yet I am more interested in the beauty of the majestic trees. Nature holds more wealth than gold,  Walk barefoot in the grass, look up at the trees past the buildings, gaze at the azure blue sky, lay on your back and watch the clouds float by. Take time to notice the natural wonders we tend to take for granted. Rose Bruno Bailey

Organize your space, organize your thoughts. A clutter free home equals a clutter free mind. Rose Bruno Bailey

A visit to the ocean is the best cure for anxiety. There is nothing like diving in head first into crystal clear waters, it will clear your head in seconds. Do not be afraid to get your hair wet, it is well worth it in the end. No ocean nearby? Find a lake, a river, a pool. Just get in there and swim like you did when you were a kid.   Rose Bruno Bailey


Last night we went to an early dinner and I am so proud that I stayed on track. I even got my hour long speed walk done between dinner and our movie. That meant no time for a shower or time to change for the movie, I am dedicated!  At the movie I drank bottled water, and did not succumb to the buttery popcorn that seems to make a movie all the more fun. It was a scary film too, and the popcorn would have been a delicious distraction but I did not give in.

I started thinking about days off from exercise. I need to ask Melissa or Mike this as soon as I can. Do I need a day off from my hour long speed walking? Are rest days only for hard core working out and not for cardio? Today is Sunday and it would be my rest day if I decided to do so, but I feel I need to keep the momentum going so I will do my  speed walk sometime this afternoon.

Tomorrow is weigh in, after work. I wish I could weigh in before work since I hate eating before weigh in. I admit on Mondays I fall into my bad little habits before weigh in. This is going to take dedication on a daily basis, and that means not allowing myself to give in to distractions and temptations. So far I am winning the battle, but I need to take it one step at a time. There is no room for impatience on my program. I will choose to take a deep breath and go the distance.

Love and Light 

Save The Last Dance For Me – Michael Bublé

I am a dancer and a poet, so it is natural that I am motivated and inspired by music. Everything I do has a soundtrack. When I write I sometimes pick a particular harmony to listen to, it wakes up my senses. I wrote a nature poem last night and I was listening to John Denver.  When I dance it is the same thing, my body follows the rhythm of the music. Nothing like doing the Rumba with a partner to Save The Last Dance For Me by Michael Buble. I am listening to it now and I can imagine the movements in my head. Dance and music are a major turn on for me, always has been and always will be. Same thing with ballet, doing the barre portion of a class is intensified when there is a live piano accompaniment, as is your center work. Your leaps get larger and you travel with more gusto across the dance floor. It is a complete high, and that is why I cannot wait to begin dancing again. I do not drink, I dance. 

When doing cardio it is much of the same. I find myself moving much quicker and with more zest when I listen to music. It puts that extra pep in my step and makes me get my heart rate up without feeling like I am doing anything harder to get there. I was listening to some very fast classic rock yesterday as I was out speed walking and I decided I would share what was on my playlist as I rocked my speed walk across the miles in West Hollywood. Keep dancing and rock on.  What music do you work out to?

Kid is Hot Tonight Loverboy
Double Vision Foreigner
I Want To Rock and Roll All Night Kiss
Cheap Trick I Want You To Want Me ( I sing this at karaoke )
Hungry Like The Wolf, Duran Duran
Surrender Cheap Trick
I Ran A Flock Of Seagulls 
You Shook Me All Night Long ACDC
Somebody Told Me The Killers
Take Me Out Franz Ferdinand
Limelight Rush
I Melt With You Modern English
Big Country Big Country
Fox on the Run The Sweet
Paradise on the Dashboard Light Meatloaf


Sometimes periods of incredible inspiration and motivation are followed by moments of self doubt. It is like that evil elf sitting on your shoulder telling you, not so fast. You find yourself questioning how you will ever go the distance, and then he has you in the palm of his little charred hand. His hold on you feeds on your insecurities and all of a sudden that motivational high comes down a few pegs. What do you do then? Let him consume you or make a quick get-a-way?

I came home from another electric Richard Simmons class last night. I met a wonderful family from Houston, Texas and my friend Joanna joined me as well. Nothing happened to me to all of a sudden feel anxious yet I do. I need to nip these little feelings of uncertainty immediately. I have no reason to worry I will not go the distance, but reasoning has nothing to do with that other side of you that seems to speak way to loudly to your insecurities.

My plan is to continue to do everything I am doing, and then some. I will not get this fleeting moment of self skepticism get in my way. I will keep up with working out six days a week and tracking my food. I am having one weak moment but I will not let that get in my way to make my goals and My Change For A Ten a success. After all, anything of worth is work, hard work. That includes battling those belated moments of self doubt that seem to high jack your positive thoughts.

I will focus on the process, the slow process, and the charities at the end of each ten pounds. I am doing this for two reasons, for health, and to make a difference in the lives of others. Each day is a brand new opportunity to excel.  I will not let those ugly emotions get the better of me. I am an optimist, sometimes to a fault so I will rely on my usual upbeat demeanor to help me forge forward. Plus I am surrounded by many inspirational people and I continue to meet new people that inspire me with their stories. I silently tell myself  “you got this,” as I listen to one of my favorite bands, The Eagles, and sing along to The Long Run. I am in this for The Long Run. 
Love and Light


I met a wonderful family from Houston, and my friend Joanna came to class.   

Mckenna from Houston

                                                           Courtney from Houston

Kelly, Mckenna, Courtney with me, Richard Simmons and my friend Joanna

                                                                       Joanna and me

                                                           Houstons loveliest family

                                      Kelly, Courtney, me, and Mckenna.


Age 22
Age 30 with James


Age 38 with Melissa

Age 40
Age 45
Present age 46

When I was thirteen I started dancing, and I was told I was too curvy. It was during a period when it was ok for an adult to tell a pre-teen such a statement. That summer started my obsession with not eating. Food had become the enemy. I literally drank diet coke for breakfast, diet coke for lunch, and when my Mother worked my dinner was lettuce with a slice of cheese and vinegar, sometimes I would crumble crackers in my salad. 

On days when my Mother would cook, I would drink my diet coke, (diet coke made me feel chic), and look through cook books at the photos but I would skip dinner. I ate enough to get by, a yogurt here and there, but when you are young it seems like you just have natural energy even without fuel. One time I starved for four days and then took a box of laxatives. Let’s just say my older sister said next time I try such a stunt she would kill me herself. At the age of eighteen my Dr warned my Mother I was headed to anorexia.

I continued this behavior into adult hood, maybe not as extreme but my food issues lingered. My weight sometimes would go up and down. I truly did not start eating normally until I met my husband at the age of 30. But when something would come up those bad habits would come back.
Over the years I have gone back and forth with eating disorders and issues with food. 

When I was older, past the age of 38, my thing was Atkins. I did Atkins to an extreme. I would not let any starches touch my lips except broccoli and romaine lettuce. I worked in a very high volume restaurant in Time Square NYC and my manager used to beg me to just eat a damn biscuit. My brain was not functioning properly and I would forget to ring things in.

Now, I am doing Weight Watchers, and it is the best way for me to eat. I am overweight but I have never ever been an over eater. Weight did not become as big of an issue until I reached 40.  I still struggle with skipping meals, even now. I did it yesterday, after work I wanted to get a workout in, and I had errands to do before dinner. So I didn’t eat anything for lunch. I try to catch myself, but sometimes old habits die hard. I am a work in progress. My best friend Melissa is always on me about this., and I am trying.

So today I am going to work on kicking my bad habits, and I am going to eat. I am also attending another Richard Simmons class, which I am extremely excited about. I love his class, and Richard works you out or else. I have a friend joining me so more photos to follow. My plan is to sustain everything I am doing for the long haul. I have my work cut out for me but I am completely motivated and inspired. Wishing everyone sunshine and smiles.

Love and Light
Be sure to eat


Yesterday was my weekly  Tuesday workout with Mike my friend/trainer. I felt stronger this time, and I feel I am making strides, long strides. The workout is not easy but I put my all in, and Mike is a fantastic trainer. He pushes without pushing to the point of an injury. I love the workouts we have been doing and I am so grateful to him for his support and help.

Working out in the outdoors is definitely fun and refreshing. You are sweating but instead of cold stale air conditioner air blowing in your face, there is a beautiful breeze to cool you off. The trees are overhead, and there are kids and dogs playing nearby. It is fun, like I said last week it feels like being a kid playing in the great outdoors. I planked in the grass, and yes I got dirty and it is completely liberating to do so. I even drank from a water fountain, and I have decided it is the water fountain of youth. I have always said I am an old soul, yet young at heart. I feel like I am getting younger at heart by the day with this project.  Life is too short not to feel every moment, and to love every minute. To get the most out of everything you do because life really is a gift, you just have to open it and live in the present.

So today, healthy breakfast, light stretch and work. After work I plan on going for a 45 minute walk. I am going to do that almost daily, Mike suggested it and of course I love to speed walk so it is a no brainer for me. I may have to purchase a pedometer.

Tomorrow is my Thursday class with Richard Simmons at Slimmons. So basically more inspiration to get me going even more. I will take more photos tomorrow, and next week I will take some of my Tuesday workout. I am feeling motivated, inspired and completely grateful.

Wishing you a day full of sunshine and joy.
Love and Light


Monday was weigh in, and I lost a 1.5 pounds. It was less than I expected, but it was good that I did not gain that week being female and all. The Weight Watchers lady said I was lucky I did not gain. So I am now 196 pounds. Going down the healthy, slow way. I intend to lose the weight, get fit, and keep it off the healthy way. She suggested I eat a more substantial breakfast than fruit and a protein bar. My argument is at 7:00 am I am lucky I can eat that. I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I cannot eat much this early. I am lucky I can eat something at all.

Work today, then a workout with trainer/friend Mike.  I am a little tired and I am dragging a bit but I will pick it up as the morning progresses. More photos to follow soon, it seems I need a new battery for my digital camera. 

So today, no words of wisdom or poetry, I am too tired and my eyes are not properly focused as of yet.  Just a quick update on my progress so far. I admit I was a bit disappointed, but I cannot let that get me down. I lost over a pound. Plus I have heard not all victories are on the scale. So onward and forward it is. Wishing everyone a beautiful Tuesday.

Love and Light