Monthly Archives: August 2021

Weigh In Day

Let’s cut to the chase. I keep falling off the wagon. I started this blog in 2013, and I was totally on it once I committed. What most people didn’t know I went spent years yo-yo-ing. I need to get serious again.

I plan to start a new blog but I decided for now to stay here, to lose the weight and chronicle my struggles. Then I will begin anew. I started weight watchers, but stopped counting a few weeks ago and I went up 8 lbs. My clothes don’t fit. I feel miserable. This is in my control to fix, so fix it I will. I don’t care who reads this I just care that I change my routine, patterns, and habits.

It’s time to get serious, for me. I don’t need any more cheat days, comfort food, or splurges. I need to choose what’s important. I have one day I have to try vegan restaurants for an article I’m writing, but every other day I plan to track and be on point. I started today.

Today! Starting weight 190 lbs. First simple goals. Work out with trainer on Monday’s  and walk daily. Track daily. Eat clean vegan, nourishing food that makes me feel healthy and strong. Drink water. Be better. For me. The buck starts here.