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Chicken soup for my sick soul

Just as you are going merrily on your way, focusing on goals and your plans something always happens to derail you a little. For me my computer just stopped working.A blogger without a computer, I don’t think so.  We went to see if it was beyond repair and walked out with a new computer, albeit one I need to learn to navigate all over again.

Computer issue solved. Then I got really sick. Monday it was so bad I had to finally go to Urgent Care. I am here resting, not working out or running, just trying to get some sleep which is the one thing it is impossible to do with a nagging nightly cough. Meds, rest, fluids and repeat. That is my agenda for now.

My weight is up from my 165 to 168. Still keeping my weight off but fluctuating once a month. I plan to break my plateau when I am all healed. Perhaps joining Weight Watchers again to really help me get the scale moving again.
In the meantime, chicken soup for my sick soul.
Here is a recipe for my Trader Joe’s Semi Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup:
Chicken Soup Rose Bailey
Two cartons chicken broth
One package just chicken
Five carrots sliced
One package Mirepoix mix ( two cups chopped carrots, celery, and onions)
Six cloves of garlic
Four tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
Salt, pepper
Cooked noodles to add after
Saute Mirepoix mix in olive oil for four minutes or until clear, add garlic gloves and continue to saute’
Add sliced carrots, chicken, and mix for one to two minutes
add chicken broth and simmer for thirty minutes
Add cooked noodles of your choice
I recommend using low sodium chicken broth if possible.
This is a quick way to have almost homemade soup, when you are sick you want the real deal but do not have the energy to cook. This totally made me feel better. My friend calls it Jewish Penicillin.
Whatever you call it, it works.


Melissa from BenderFitness completed  a half marathon with her husband Jesse. I am so proud of them both and wish them congrats on the amazing accomplishment of running in The Pittsburgh Marathon.Such inspiration.

I am beginning a more specialized running format. I still need to get a fitbit or pedometer and new running shoes but for now I am just going by time and what I know the distance to be. Melissa @BenderFitness composed this schedule for me. I have already been running three times per week but starting on May 11th 2015 I am going to document my training starting with this training schedule below. I hope to eventually run in a half marathon. I am meeting one of my new running friends for coffee and inspiration soon. I am not competing with anyone but me, building my base.

If you have not guessed it already, my first fitness goal will have everything to do with running. I will be writing about the specifics of what I plan to do in a future post when I compose my top ten list of goals to accomplish. Why do I run?  I run because I never thought I could run without stopping or walking. Now I am hooked on my runner’s high.
Here is my running training schedule from Melissa Bender Fitness


Run 3X Per Week for 2 Weeks

Goal: Run 3.1 Miles or 30 Minutes continuously at a comfortable pace.

Types of Runs:

1. Slow Easy Run: Run Continuously without Walking. Don’t worry about pace.


Run 3-4X Per Week for 4 Weeks

Goal: Improve consistency and pacing.

Types of Runs:

1. Two to three Easy paced runs at a comfortable pace: 3.1 miles or 30 minutes.

2. One to two runs at a slightly faster pace. Moderate Pace: You should be pushing and breathing heavier, but able to talk if needed. Use a stopwatch, phone running app or GPS watch during runs. Complete the same run you do on your Easy days, but focus on doing it a little bit faster. Don’t go to fast, you still want to complete the run without stopping to walk.


Run 3-5X Per Week

Goal: Improve Speed, Consistency and Endurance.

1. Two to three Easy paced runs at a comfortable pace: 3.1 miles or 30 minutes.

2. One Moderate Pace Run per Week.

3. One to Two Speed Workouts. Select 1-2 of the workouts below and incorporate them into your week).

  • 5 Minutes Easy/5 Minutes Hard:

-5 Minute Warm-up, Run 5 Minutes at Easy Training Pace, Transition into 5 Minutes Hard (Faster than your Moderate Training Pace), 5 Minutes Easy, Complete with 5 Minute Cool Down. Total Workout Time: 25 Minutes.

  • In-Run Sprints:

During your run incorporate 20-Seconds Hard Sprinting followed by 40 seconds at normal running pace. Repeat this 4-6 times during a normal 30-minute run. Start the sprints at the 10 or 15 minute running mark.

  • Run 25-30 Minutes at your normal pace. Complete the run with four to six 20-second sprints. In between sprints walk back to your starting point.
I am going to be doing the Bikini Prep workouts at least 3 times a week with some yoga a few times a week. I am going to be keeping a journal of my progress. I am on day two.
I looked down and saw a ladybug. A sign of good things to come. What are you doing to make your dreams a reality? Does it help to have a good support system?

​Get it!!


A new direction for my blog (somewhat)

I have been under the weather, but back to the grind soon. I am taking my blog and charities away from the scale for now. After losing 50 lbs I have been stuck, and it is time to move away from staring at the numbers and instead make my dreams come true.  I plan to focus on my fitness goals/fitness milestones and do one charity every time I accomplish my goals. Making a list of ten, since this is my change for a ten. When I accomplish my first list of ten, I will write another new list. My plan is to change my life, and make changes to help others along my journey. Time to step it up.

Eventually I would love to challenge others to do the same in their own communities, whether you want to do as I did, and sponsor a charity with  each ten pound weight loss or help charities with each goal you accomplish. I feel doing this helps yourself as you help others, and it is the best type of rewarding feeling you can get from your accomplishments. A total win win.

Take the E out of Ego and just Go!! Go after your dreams, go help those who need it most, just go. Go get it!!!

I am working on my first list of ten. I have come up with the first two items on my list and I will post about them in a future post. Meanwhile I am on the mend here, but still utterly inspired to shoot for the moon and the stars. I feel like this project/blog is getting a brand new beginning.

My first charity on my list of ten is Project Cuddle. I wrote about them when I began this project in 2013 but I never was able to bring my goal for them to fruition. Now is the perfect time.

Here is the link to what I wrote about project cuddle back in 2013. My plan was to have a baby shower and donate all of the gifts, I never had the space. I realized I have the perfect space for a party for the babies. I contacted Project Cuddle and I have received their blessing. I will be posting what fitness milestone I plan to accomplish before I have my baby shower for Project Cuddle.

Love and light to all. Stay inspired.