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Good Morning to all. I have been MIA. Apartment hunting in the Bay Area has taken all my time. I am back in LA, doing my routine and getting ready to move. Trying to find the calm within the chaos.

I am still here, working out, delivering books to kids, I am just on a little pause as I pack and navigate a move from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The hardest part is behind us, we found an apartment.

Love and Light to all.










Good Morning and Happy Tuesday to all.

My blog is going to be on hiatus for a bit during my transition. I am moving everything here to my new website and I am also moving to San Francisco soon so I will be “Under Construction” in many ways.

I will return to posting soon, and I will still be following everything I am working on and sharing inspiration and motivation as much as possible during my transition.  Have a wonderful day and remember, we are all a work in progress and always a bit “under construction.” If we were perfect we would have nothing to strive for and look forward to.

Love and Light to all.


Good Morning to all. Today in the UK is National Poetry Day, and since I am a poet I decided to include a poem in my daily post. Writing helps me channel my thoughts and get through the challenges and transitions in life, as well as working out. Life is hills and valleys, at one moment you are king of the hill the next moment you find yourself stranded at the bottom without a safety net. It is how you channel your thoughts that makes all of the difference.

What do you do to keep the calm amongst the chaos? With my move I am working out daily doing Melissa Bender Fitness first month of her three month series of the Bikini competition workout and daily trips to the gym. I also love to work out in nature. Movement has helped me keep my sanity as we transition from Los Angeles to San Francisco. I would love to hear your thoughts, how you channel your anxieties and worries. Nature always has a way of bringing us back to earth. 

Love and Light to all.


The azure sky above tints my reality

with a little glow of heaven,  

An existence formally tainted

within the eclipse of my soul.

Depleted unfulfilled and lost

within a colorless endless Monday;

searching for a free haven,

a place where weariness

drifts away in the haze;

illuminating the shadows.

Clouds take on a new shape,

artistry and the allure of the earth,

nature and spirit are entwined in bliss.

Fluttering in the mist of the rain,

water blesses me to begin anew;

I become the willow in the wisp,

communing with the celestial one.

Climb trees, reach high, embrace;

mother earth and all she stands for.

The scent of damp cedar,

captures my senses and I am aware;

there is more to myself than me.

Honeysuckle tickles, provokes, lingers;

teases my greedy nostrils

with the promise of the coming dawn,

and all the abandon that she offers.

The endless monotony of Mondays,

are replaced with the beauty of a blue beyond.

Slow down, breathe, take time,

be serene, own your peace.

The wonder of a midsummer delight

replaces the constant inner struggle,

when an individual steps outside

their vanity, their Jones’ mentality.

Looks at their former world

from a different vantage point.

Grasps what is truly valuable,

We are all one with the earth

and the earth is one with us.

Rose Bruno Bailey








Today is the first day of October, and you know what that means. Autumn, the smell of leaves cascading to the ground, the warm fuzzy feeling you have when you taste something pumpkin flavored. Who doesn’t love a pumpkin spice latte? 

To me Autumn conjures up emotions of brand new beginnings.   Unfortunately a lot of the delicious seasonal treats are a bit high in calories, so what do you do to indulge in something pumpkin yet sticking to your program and goals? 

Yesterday I combined  nonfat plain Greek yogurt with canned pumpkin. The pumpkin has one ingredient, pumpkin. I used a little Stevia and some cinnamon and all of a sudden I had a delicious and creamy Autumn treat that was so good for me too. 

I would love to know what swaps you have come up with, to give yourself the same decadent feeling but without the guilt. What are you doing to stick to your goals?  I have a motto, We can never give up, but we can never go at it alone; we are all in this together.  
Love and Light