I think to be fit in body one must be fit in mind and spirit. I am a firm believer in a mind/body/spirit connection.  It all begins in our thoughts, and  our thoughts can be transformed into actions. I am one who finds solace in nature, and creating art. Working out helps balance my happiness as well as my fitness, as does channeling my creative and philanthropic side. When I do cardio, I prefer to do so outdoors so I can benefit from what I call mobile meditation. I get lost, I am a wanderer, wondering always about what is to come and pushing the limits on my dreams. The sky is the limit and I am forever reaching in my sun salutations for the sun above. I find weight loss is not such a lofty goal when you finally make the connection.
Check out my facebook page to see some of the tree photos I snapped on my running path. https://www.facebook.com/MyChangeForATen
Friday night my workout was done at midnight, yes it was late but I preferred to do it after my ten hour day rather than before. Skipping is not an option for me. When I began this project I promised myself when I commit to something I will follow through. I say it, and it gets done. I also walked two miles yesterday but I admit I did not eat nearly enough. I will have to improve upon that.
Today is day seven of MelissaBender Fitness workouts, and day seven of being her fitness ambassador.http://www.benderfitness.com/2013/01/lower-body-fat-blaster.html
Yesterdays workout was awesome and I really worked up a sweat. It is amazing how everything else in life feels right on point and happiness quota rises as if on steroids when you get high off your own endorphins.
I am so grateful for this life I live and it never escapes me that so many people are struggling and my heart always goes out to them. That is one reason I do this project, to do a little to make a difference.  Yesterday I met a young girl who is obviously battling cancer, but her smile on her face could light up a starless sky. Inspiration comes in so many forms. Her radiance and positive attitude will stay with me as I continue on in my own journey of this elusive phase we call life, loving every second of feeling totally and utterly alive yet never taking it for granted.
May the sun bring you warmth and the stars light your path
Love and Light

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