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Good Morning to all, and what a beautiful Monday it is here in West Hollywood. I am off today and tomorrow, wrapping up my days of cat sitting two beautiful Lilac Siamese. Noodles and Peaches are my other Siamese loves, and my cats have been missing me so it will be time to go home. 

It is weigh in day and I am so happy I stayed the same at 159 lbs, I skipped the last few weeks. My scale broke, and I got frustrated with things. I am still 24 lbs to goal, and with everything going on in my life I admit to having just a few cheat days. Friday night I ate a huge tuna sub from subway, and I definitely felt ill the day after. It made me realize that my eating plan is not just about weight and appearance. It is about how I feel, my health and well-being. I had heartburn for the first time in a very long time, and I didn’t even recognize the symptoms. If you can see from the graph above I have plateaued again since February, but that is ok, No  weight gains is great for me.

I decided on Sunday to get back on track, still counting my points but going back to an anti-inflammation diet and every Monday I can deviate just a little. That way I am eating not to lose weight only, but to continue to feel good and energetic. Mondays will be the only day I consume things like flour. I believe in this type of program but I also know it is good to allow treats and deviations, just not all the time.

Here is a link to a good list of food for this type of eating from Melissa Bender Fitness.  http://www.benderfitness.com/2017/01/anti-inflammatory-diet-grocery-list.html

Today I am reveling in the fact the scale stayed the same. I feel good, and I will not be deviating this day because I am getting back on track. Next Monday will be my semi cheat day. Today it is all non processed foods with lots of produce.

My knee is healing and I feel my shoulder is too, so soon I will hit the pavement running again and start my work out schedule. I decided to rest so I would not be down for the count for longer than need be. I listened to my body even though I wanted to ignore it, and I am feeling so much better now. I have weaned myself off any pain pills for my knee too, I do not need them anymore and they made me feel awful. The last few weeks I have been walking but that is it. It is hard to slow down but I am healing.

That is all for today. I am going to go down to the pool and take a dip, or if it is too cold go in the jacuzzi.  I am celebrating that the scale stayed the same, it will be much easier now to get back on track.

It’s a lifestyle not a diet. Love and Light to all.



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  1. julie bailey

    Hi Rose: Enjoyed reading your blog! I too embarked on a diet about Christmastime last year. After looking at the results of my yearly blood test, it was no different than previous years. However, my sugar level had been elevated for years, but the doctor said nothing to worry about yet. But for some reason I became concerned and decided to do something about it. So, I decided to eliminate sugars from my daily diet as best as I could. I can say as of today, May 8, 2017, I have eliminated all sweets – cakes, pie, candy, any treats because they have loads of sugar in it. So, since Christmas, I do not eat sweets. Period. I have lost well over 20 lbs. – have given up scales because they all say something different. Other changes have been from whole milk to fat free milk. I also gave up sandwiches for lunch. Dinnertime is a different story, however. I eat whatever I want, as much as I want. For instance. Having lasagna? Three or four helpings – whatever – I eat! Crusty bread with butter. One slice with only a little butter. So, my diet has been pretty much a sugar-buster diet, which has worked well for me. Is it a coincidence? Other health problems have disappeared. Used to be plagued by frequently urinary tract infections. Gone! As of Christmas, gone. I think I had too much sugar regularly in my diet which threw my whole body into rejecting the vast amount of sugar. I found a substitute for my “sweet tooth” that I like. Try Activia Light Vanilla. Delicious and quenches my sweet tooth! Also, eating more fruits. But pizza, subs, pasta, etc. – still eat on a regular basis. Just thought I would share.


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