Rose Bruno Bailey Poetry

Soaring in the heavens

Good Morning to all. Yesterday was a long day for me, and a rest day from my Melissa Bender Fitness workouts. Tonight is day five, and I work another long day so my workout will be later in the evening. Words cannot convey how motivated and excited I am for the trapeze classes in a few months. I met a couple last night who took the class here in Oakland, California and they said it was amazing and the staff made it so easy.
I feel like I found the fountain of youth. Last year I did yoga on a rooftop heli-pad in Los Angeles and this year I am taking trapeze classes and who knows what else what. I am so happy, I am manifesting my own destiny, and that through trapeze classes I will soar the heavens.
Manifesting my own destiny

I want to swim until I am sunburned and waterlogged. Fall asleep and dream under a bevy of stars on a clear night. I want to drive cross country and write poetry on top of the world at the Empire State Building, and travel back west by train, stop and sketch at the the foot of the majestic Grand Canyon. I want to be ageless, fearless, travel into space and be weightless. To journey to the ends of the earth to face my demons, and journey back and have the last laugh. I want to spend my days creating art and my nights making a difference. To dance forever, soar the heavens, snorkel the seas and live every moment like there is nothing like being totally and utterly alive. 

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