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Make like a tree, reach for the sky. I am inspired to do more than I have done before, and in my own opinion what I have done so far is never enough. So I look to my beloved trees, limbs stretching towards the heavens and beyond. The sky is the limit, and I am reaching for it. Every new day is a new beginning to reach higher.

Good Morning to all and Happy Wednesday. They call it hump day because it is the middle of the week, the day to get you on the path to the weekend.  Yesterday Mike and I went to Pan Pacific Park in LA and it is a beautiful large park and a lovely change of scenery. It has all kinds of hills which we are incorporating into my workout routine. Today I am a little sore, we did a lot more cardio than usual, since my 10K I have been having issues with my toe and foot and I have been afraid to injure it further.  Mike has been an invaluable help in my quest for fitness. My push ups are almost there, and I am so proud of my progress. Sometimes it seems slow and I but then something opens up and I realize I have come a long way, especially for someone of my age but to me I can do anything I set my mind and heart to, the sky is the limit.

I met a wonderful person yesterday. I frequent a place that makes healthy protein shakes and they always recognize me. I got to talking with the man who works there, and he asked how my workouts were going. I told him they are great but I am trying to work through a toe injury and Plantars Fasciitis. He happened to of worked in Orthotics and came around to draw a foot diagram for me and explain what is happening with my foot and toes. It made so much more sense to me.  He explained to me that although I look very young my feet have had a lot of years of wear and tear. He encouraged me to continue to wrap it and purchase the correct shoes. I really appreciate the time and kindness he gave me and I feel like I can work through this, but I will see a Dr. as well to make sure I am in tip top shape. 

Tonight is my second workout with Mike, back at the park we always go to. I am determined to pick up the pace, the stamina feels a bit compromised in the last few weeks since I have been babying my toes. Off for now. Happy Wednesday to all.

Love and Light,


Good Morning to all and a very Happy Friday. Today my friend and I at work bring in little surprises to kick off the weekend. We call it Surprise Friday. He usually brings me in something a little decadent and I portion it out over the weekend and share it with James. Tomorrow is weigh in and I am in my sixth day of my gluten free experiment and I will see how it reflects on the scale Saturday morning. I met someone at Trader Joe’s last night, and he was explaining to me all about gluten free and the many products that are now available. It was inspiring to listen to him and learn. I got the best compliment from one of the regular staff, he said I look like I am glowing. It is nice to get progress compliments, it keeps me going.

Yesterday was my Thursday workout with Mike my trainer. It really packed a punch and was a lot of fun. We did a circuit. First I had to use these long ropes and work my arms, and then we did some boxing, and then planking and push ups and then I had to run and do it over again in a fast manner. The boxing took a little instruction, and I now have my own pink boxing gloves. I kind of hit like a girl, but my kick packs more of a punch. It was fun, and it is interesting how it reminds me of choreography although it is a lot harder and more awkward to master. We are going to be boxing every other week I think, and you can feel the full body workout this gives, plus you can beat out your frustrations and worries on the punching bag. 

Working out in the park is like childhood play in a way, there are dogs everywhere and of course they love to come up and visit us. This little white one is such a lover, he kisses me on the face every week. His owner told us he is to be in a movie soon. I adore animals so I am right in my element. We were working out and the funniest thing happened out of the blue. Mike tells me he tore his pants from behind, and not a little tear but all the way down. It was hysterical and he mentioned he thought he was getting a bit of a draft back there. He ran to his car and changed and was no worse for wear, and he was not embarrassed in the least. It reminded me of a lesson in life my sister Dona told me. There is no embarrassment unless you let yourself feel embarrassed. I have worked out that one for years.  

Now every time I fall flat on my face in public I stand up, shake myself off and walk in a confident manner with no thought of what people think. We have control over our emotions, negative and positive. I have had some major embarrassing moments in my life. I went on a date with this guy once. He picked me up in his brand new Mercedes. He took me to the state fair and fed me cotton candy and we rode all of the rides. On the way home you can imagine how cotton candy and twirly rides affected me. I got sick all over his brand new car. Oh, he never called again. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday, full of lots of surprises and no embarrassment. 
Love and Light to all


Today seemed like it was the longest day ever. I went to the Dr. and got the go ahead with my workout plans, went shopping for new workout gear which I have not done in one year. That is a tough one when you are beginning, easy when you start to feel the results of your hard work. Getting over that first hump is the hardest leap to take. Tomorrow I am shooting a DVD with Richard Simmons. I am hoping to get a photo with Mr Simmons. I will tell all tomorrow after the video shoot. I feel it is the perfect beginning to my quest, as he has inspired people for years to be healthy and active. My Mother once said I will live to be 200, and I want to be as healthy as possible and prove her right.

This week I plan on weighing in at Weight Watchers, and I will post my beginning weight. I am a few days late because I was ill but I am starting to feel like my old self again. I will also post a before full body photo or two. I know photos of my face are deceiving, so I will make sure to post those photos by Friday. That is the hardest part in this journey, coming clean and admitting my flaws. Knowing I am helping others in the process takes away the fear of putting myself out there. I am done with fear, and will not have any regrets from here on out. A friend of mine passed away last night, and that reminder of the fragility of life puts everything into perspective. Our time here is short, and I intend to make every precious moment of mine count…living passionately about everything that I am about.  As my late lovely friend Chris Dickerson would say, and so…..goodnight.


Changing the world 10 pounds at a time: this is the story of a procrastinating philanthropists journey to lose weight and change the world. This is my story.

Time is a subject as a poet I write about often, the lack of it and how to find more of it. With that said, I am a self professed procrastinator and it is probably my Achilles heal when it comes to getting a project done on time. I was a dancer most of my life and I have wanted for the longest time to take some classes again to appease the hole in my heart that was left since I quit dancing a few years ago. Since then my weight has gone up and down and I have not been as consistent as I should with working out and staying in shape. One thing I noticed about myself though, when I do a project that involves helping others or animals I do not procrastinate at all, because it is not about me but about helping the underdog, the less fortunate. I love to get involved and I have done some good in the recent years but I have had that nagging feeling that I can definitely do more, and give more of myself. 

I started Weight Watchers about a month ago, and I have done pretty well so far. I have dropped ten pounds. I know myself though, something will distract me and I will regress. Now that I am a bit older all I have to do is slack off just a bit to gain weight. It is hard work and I have not been putting in the dedication and time that is needed for me to get to where I want to be, to be in the best shape of my life. I have decided that will no longer be the case. I recently was reminded about how fleeting life can be and time is not always a given for all, and I do not wish to have regrets in my life. I also want to be as strong and healthy as I can be for the rest of my gifted days. I want to be here to make a difference.

A light bulb went off in my head. What if I was to make a challenge to myself, and every ten pounds sponsor a charity or an organization? I would have to be successful, because my success would be making a difference not only in my own life but in the lives of others. I would blog about my journey and at the same time raise awareness for the organizations I have chosen to assist. This would mean putting my successes and struggles out for the world to see, but since it for the good of something bigger than myself that concept is not as frightening as it seems. I have taken the E out of the word EGO and decided to GO after my dreams, GO make a difference in the the lives of others. I decided to just GO for it.

So here I find myself on this new path to find myself and change myself for the better by helping others. I have already contacted my first two charities and they are on board with my new project and thankful that I have chosen to give some of myself to help their wonderful causes. I have only at this moment chosen the first two organizations but there will be more to come after I get to twenty pounds.

My first organization is The Monday Night Mission, the selfless angels that feed and lend a kind smile to the residents of skid row. They are my ten pound goal.https://www.facebook.com/mondaynightmission?fref=ts

I will write more about the wonderful organizations in a future post and how I plan to help them as I reach each ten pound goal.  I am really excited to get started on my new path of self discovery and giving back to society. I will also make a future post on how I plan to get to where I want to be, who will be helping me get there and inspiring me to continue. No man is an island, I am not in this alone and I am very lucky to have supportive friends who want to help me fulfill my goals. I will include before photos and a document of my starting weight.  This blog is by no means instructional, it is just a document of my journey to be a better person by giving back and changing myself for the better in the process. This is My Change for a Ten. Making a difference, ten pounds at a time.
Rose Bruno Bailey