Fall 2023 Restart

Hello, I’ve missed you. I kept falling off the wagon for five years and counting.  I started this blog in 2013, and I was totally on it once I committed. What most people didn’t know I went spent years yo-yo-ing. I need to get serious again.

I plan to start a new blog but I decided to stay here for now, to lose the weight and chronicle my struggles and successes.  At a later date I will start blog JuiceJavaJoy which will be more of a wellness lifestyle blog. I’m happy to be here and to have this opportunity for change. I’m Rose Bruno Bailey and this is mychangeforaten ❤️

In the meantime here is my recipe for happiness as I find my way back to being me.

Happiness Tips from me. 💕
1.Live in the moment, not in the past and not in the future. Embrace the now.
2.Don’t go it alone. Find your tribe, and keep all connections going even when you are not close physically. Try to visit loved ones and friends when you can. No one is an island.
3. If you don’t like living somewhere, just move. Adventure awaits.
4. Find your passions and follow your heart.
5.It’s never too late to dream a new dream or chase an unrequited one from the past.
6. Give back to someone in need, there is someone always needing your help who is worse off than you. It will serve both you and those you help.
7. Find joy in the simple and the grand.
8. Spend time with animals and or children. The innocent need your love and they reciprocate love in spades.
9. Live a life of no judgement, love all creatures of the universe.
10. Don’t do harm to others, we should be safekeeping animals and the environment. Try to not do harm to yourself, treat your body like a temple not a trash can.
11.Hold the elderly in high esteem and listen when they talk. They have lessons to teach if you listen.
12. Spend time in nature, it’s our home.









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