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I am obsessed with this yogi tree in Beverly Hills

Good morning, love and light to all. It is pretty chilly here in Southern California, I know nothing compared to the east coast but definitely lite jacket weather. I am working out tonight with my trainer Mike, and he has decided to still work out in the park. It may be a little chilly, but I love breathing in the fresh air. It would be amazing to find an outdoor yoga class. Nothing like breathing in the clean air and practicing mobile meditation in the lovely scenery of a park surrounded by trees.

I have found a new product I love. Jiff makes a whipped peanut butter. It is just whipped with air, and lower in fat and calories than regular peanut butter. Two tablespoons is 140 calories and 4 points plus if you follow weight watchers. I love the fact that is is easy to spread on an apple or banana, and you can refrigerate it and it is just as light and smooth. I am  little obsessed.

I have decided the first thing I will do on my fitness bucket list. Inspired by my amazing yogi friend Tracy Gittens who has a studio in San Diego called Galaxy Lifestyle and Fitness.


It is just a matter of signing up with my friend who is a former gymnast. Jessica and I are taking a class at the Cirque’ school here in Hollywood, and we are both just over our heads about it. I found something on groupon, so soon we will be signing up. Our Mondays will never be the same again.


Off for now, I must get a work day in and then head home and to the park. I am really working on opening up my back and getting my quads to loosen up. This is my goal this month.
Love and Light to all.
Happy Tuesday


Opening up my back with yoga and workouts

Sometimes progress is slow, and then all of a sudden there it is. My dance instructor back in college would yell every time I would hit a turn on point. I would double or triple pirouette and she would get right in my face and say “there it is. ” Of course it took a lot of hard work to get there, but when I did it felt like a surprise gift. 

All of a sudden I feel like someone is yelling at me, “there it is.” I am hitting my goals like I used to hit my turns, and it is definitely a surprise gift. My workouts with my personal trainer Mike are evolving, and he has figured out ways to help me loosen up my quads. It is this issue that keeps me from being able to get into dancers pose or mermaids pose in yoga and I have been frustrated. I want to get there, but I have struggled with it. I think I am on my way, and I am grateful for his expertise and time.We are now working out Tuesday’s and Thursdays. I am going to hit those poses like I used to hit my turns.

My Body is my temple, and I will never let it go to garbage again.