Good Morning and a Happy Wednesday to all. I am fighting a headache that started last night, I think it may be allergy related because I have a lot of pressure in my eyes. It made for challenging yoga practice but I made it through. I try not to ever take medications but I may break down today and take some ibuprofen. I also allowed myself to get dehydrated before class, a big no no.

The Helipad class on the top of the hotel was cancelled. I was so disappointed. I really was looking forward to that experience. It may be rescheduled one more time before the season ends, so I am not sure I will be able to make it this season. I decided to turn my attitude around and myself in the direction of Yogaworks in West Hollywood and take a Vinyasa class instead. One thing I am learning, you can find your peaceful place and zen wherever you are. It is a state of mind. If something does not work out, just turn it around and make 
something new work out instead. You have reign over your thoughts, and they are more powerful than you think.  My disappointment was there, but I decided to let it go and move forward in the direction of my usual yoga class. There was no way I would throw in the towel and head home with a bad attitude dragging behind me. Bad attitudes only weigh you down.

Today is my  weekly workout with my friend and trainer Mike. I hope this headache goes away so I can be at my best. I do not and will not slow down. I think practicing yoga three to five days a week will help me progress in my workouts with Mike, working out with Mike will help me in my yoga practice. I am only getting stronger.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day. To quote my adorable Mother, I am closing now. That is how she lets you know she is signing off the computer. Too cute for words.

Love and Light

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