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Flying High

Yesterday was day one of Melissa Bender Fitness Bikini prep workouts — it was challenging but in the best way, and I completed all three rounds.

I had to modify the jump plank because of my injured toe so I chose to just regular plank instead.  I also went running outdoors for 30 minutes in the cold, but that fabulous full moon and my music made it all worth while. Nothing like stargazing to remind you we are just traces of tinsel in a vast glittering universe.

I have so much work to do to be ready to fly in three months on the flying trapeze. I admit my dream of taking a trapeze class is a little intimidating, but I am up for the challenge. I have seen the videos and imagined myself suspended in mid air dangling high above the ground with just a net to catch my fall. Exciting and liberating, this is truly going to be a high moment for 2015.

Here’s where we’ll be taking the trapeze class.

This is how I imagine it will feel to fly, terrifying and
​exhilarating at the same time. It is like a metaphor for love.


My tortured soul surrenders

My resistant body to a fated flight.

Melancholic melodies of my history,

Caught between memory and reality.

My fickle heartbeat dangles,

Caught in tangled cobwebs

Of here, then and now;  and then.

Escape to the rhythm of lyrical suspense,

Suspended aimlessly without a whim;

Midair swan dive maneuvering

Into the embrace of silken arms;

Whirling together, abandoning myself.

Hanging in the imbalance between

Rhapsody and heartbreak.

(c) Rose Bruno Bailey

Love and Light to all and keep dreaming

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