Comfort in the form of fruits and veggies

I am about to ramble on about food issues. Today was a challenging day, I have plateaued and it is frustrating me. On top of that I was out and about today and I walked past a sub shop and came this close to giving in. Instead I ducked out of the rain and had a few sips of a Starbucks Hot Cocoa and threw the rest in the trash. I feel a bit on the brink of being out of control. I ate a baked potato tonight and I am even guilty about that. It is that eating disorder devil that sits on my shoulder every now and then and taunts me. Food is an issue with me and I have been trying to eat more but I admit it makes me feel very uncomfortable. I have been adding a second morning light meal and I am not sure I should continue to do so. I have thought about going low carbohydrate for a few weeks to mix things up.

I did a yoga class and I am about to get on the treadmill now. I need to work through this food anxiety. The thing with me is I normally do not give into food cravings, and I rarely have them. Today I just felt overwhelmed and could have been on the brink of overeating.  Weigh in is a few days away and it does not escape me that I am struggling just to make it into the 160’s and my final goal is 130. I am still a good four pounds away from my next charity. 

So I am off to do the treadmill, and hopefully work out some of this negative banter within my chaotic mind. I will be in Phoenix soon and I want to go feeling confident and strong and in control.

 Here is my food journal for today. In addition I drink tons of water. I think tomorrow I will have the tuna minus the rice and skip the oatmeal and instead have some egg whites. No potato, especially at night.

7 am
1 ThinkThin high protein bar
1 banana
coffee non dairy cream and 1 tsp sugar

10 am
1 packet sugar free oatmeal

sushi, 1 tuna roll with rice, tuna, avocado, ginger, wasabi

5 pm
a few sips of Starbucks Hot cocoa

One baked potato, with 1 tsp light butter, and 1 tsp fat free sour cream
1 97% lean burger 110 cal
romaine, celery, onions, carrots, cabbage with vinegar

I feel today was a bit much for me, I am scaling it down tomorrow.

Good Night to all
Sweet Dreams


  1. Rose Bruno Bailey

    Thank you Jules Van Es, it can be a struggle and sometimes it just feels safer to eat protein bars and not worry.I think I went into the extra points today. They go so fast. I never count activity points.


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