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Good afternoon to all on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. Today was a special day for me, I wanted for sometime to do a 5K, crossing  off one of the items on my fitness bucket list. I signed up for one with a team from Seasons 52, thanks to my wonderful manager Laura Dennis. We planned it a few months ago and we signed up for Run Seal Beach, a 5K and 10K in picturesque Seal Beach California.

Today I woke up bright and early before five am, and made my way to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to meet the others. It was amazing being up before the sun, and getting to witness the sunrise from a sleepy coffee shop, trying to restrain my excitement for what was to come.

Together Jonathan, Christine, Shane and I made the trek to Seal Beach and meet up with Laura, Caroline and Whitney. Laura was ready to go and she had Seasons 52 tee shirts for us. I am grateful to Laura and Seasons 52 for sponsoring us and giving me the opportunity to make one of my  fitness goals a reality. I am a long way from being over 200 lbs and out of shape, and I feel so fantastic.

Time was of the essence, we didn’t even have time to use a port of potty, they were lining up as we arrived. We all made a plan to meet after since we would all be going at different paces.
All of us were doing the 5K, except for Jonathan who is a seasoned runner, no pun intended. He ran the 10K which inspires me greatly.  I lined up towards the back with Laura, a little nervous with all of the people there. I am a novice runner and it is quite overwhelming being in such close proximity with all of the runners and wondering if I was going to get trampled. On top of that I have a slight toe injury and I was hoping the pain would hold out. I buddy wrapped my toes and took a few aspirin and believed I would be fine, after all the mind is stronger than the body.  I had my music and I was ready. They called our group and Laura told me to push through my first song and keep going. She is an avid runner and it was not long before I lost her and went at my own slower pace. At one point I noticed runners going in a different direction, but I kept moving forward, oblivious of anything around me but my own stride and the tune keeping me upbeat, energized and moving onward.

I was enjoying my experience, sprinting fast to my play list and then walking for a bit, then again running. There was a point where I may have felt that elusive runners high people speak so fondly of. The breeze from the trees was cooling my overheated body down, the rhythm of my music was guiding my pace. I forged forward thinking I must be close to being done as I saw the 3 mile marker. I felt the sense of pride for being so close to finishing my first 5K.

Not so fast, the path oddly continued on and on, the runners who lost steam walked and I ran until I could run no more and at that point I began speed walking. That is when I noticed something peculiar, The 4 Mile marker. At every mile marker I encountered I snapped a quick photo.  There were two ladies walking past me and I turned off my music to ask them how long the race was. A bit over 6 miles was the answer. We exchanged introductions, sisters Barbara and Judy kindly informed me I was running the 10K. We all got a chuckle out of the fact I accidentally was doing a 10K. As we approached the 5 Mile marker Judy snapped a photo of me standing next to it, and I also got a photo of the lovely ladies to remember them by. It was a high knowing I was accidentally doing my first 10K. 

Dynamo sisters Judy and Barbara

Realizing I went the wrong way but so happy. Quick pic and onward towards the finish line.

I kept going, at this point my toe was starting to ache but I did not slow down. Barbara and Judy wanted to beat their younger sister to the finish line so they were off running. I pondered that the Seasons 52 team was probably wondering where I was and all of a sudden I saw Jonathan walking in the opposite direction. I explained to him I never took the 5K turn and instead accidentally ran the 10K, well walked/ran the 10K. He thought it was amazing and immediately walked with me for the duration of the race.  Jonathan texted the others to let them know he found me. We decided I was going to run through the finish line so Jonathan joined me as I turned on my most inspiring tune and ran through the red arches to complete my first 10K. Judy was at the finish line and greeted me with a congratulatory hug which made me feel ten feet tall.

Thank you Judy 

I did a 10K

The others were waiting, laughing at the fact that I missed the turn. Christine immediately handed me a protein bar, banana, and water and I was congratulated for doing my first 10K. We all laughed that I missed the turn, it was such a Rose thing to do. Today was such a wonderful experience, the people, the challenge, the scenery, the camaraderie of everyone gathered to conquer their personal goals and rooting for the person next to them. No competition, sportsmanship is alive and well in Seal Beach.

The morning was marvelous and I am so happy I had such a fun team to share this moment with.  We took lots of photos and walked back to the car no worse for wear. I am inspired by the people who ran/walked beside me and honored to call them friends and co workers. Not a bad way to kick off the weekend.

Shane, Christine, Jonathan, Caroline, Laura, me and Whitney Team Seasons 52

Now what, my first half marathon? Not so fast, but I will have to make my next running goal a reality. No excuses now when I run with my trainer Mike. Our goal is for me to run around the park 4 times without stopping, and I am so inspired to make this quest happen in the near future. After all, I am ageless, fearless and I believe in me. As long as I have such amazing friends beside me I can conquer any battle. 

More photos to follow.

Love and Light to all,
Happy Weekend


Happy Sunday. I finally got music downloaded on my cute pink ipod shuffle, thanks to James. I am so excited, it is so small and sleek and just clips on with ease. My workouts are going really  go up a notch, I am so motivated by music.

Here is my latest playlist, and I will be downloading more soon. This could be dangerous. I am late to the party but happy I have arrived. A lot of oldies on this list. A few slow ones for warm ups and lots of fast rock tunes for speed walking and running. 
Rock On


Planet Earth Duran Duran
Hungry Like The Wolf Duran Duran
If I Can’t Have You Yvonne Elliman
Fire and Ice Pat Benatar
Everybody Talks Neon Trees
Animal Neon Trees
Please Please Me The Beatles
Night Fever The Bee Gees
Surrender Cheap Trick
I Want You To Want Me Cheap Trick
Only Time Will Tell Asia
Don’t Cry Asia
Someone Saved My Life Tonight Elton John
Rhiannon Fleetwood Mac
Go Your Own Way Fleetwood Mac
An Everlasting Love Andy Gibb
Take It Easy The Eagles
Peaceful Easy Feeling The Eagles
The Kid Is Hot Tonight Loverboy
Slide The Goo Goo Dolls
Make That Move Shalamar
Rock and Roll All Night Kiss
Free Bird Lynyrd Skynyrd
You Shook Me All Night Long AC/DC
Fox On The Run The Sweet
Melt With You Modern English


This is where I go walking/running on my own.

Good Morning and happy weekend to all. I am in great spirits, I had two amazing workouts this week with my trainer Mike and I am back on track. This coming week will be a full week of workouts with Mike twice a week, plus workouts on my own and lots of yoga. I am slowly but surely getting back to my Monday-Friday routine.  Mike and I may change it to three days a week eventually but for now this works. I am sore this morning, and I  also worked six days so I decided to to stay in this morning and not attend a class at Slimmons. It is my one day to sleep in since I am going hiking Sunday Morning with a friend here in Hollywood. I just needed a day to sleep in til 10 am and hang out with my hubby and the kitties. I will attend another Saturday class in two weeks, since I will be in Santa Barbara next weekend which means updated photos. 

Today is my first weigh in on Weight Watchers online and I lost 4 lbs. I am so excited, I am now at my lowest weight since I began late July 2013, I now weigh 175 pounds. I am going to be getting my measurements done soon, and I regret skipping it in the beginning but I can still track my inches lost from this point on.

Today I am going to go walking and running and spend the day with James. I am working on my poetry book and just laying low and enjoying the simple moments of life. I often am told I am so spirited, I would like to give that credit to my amazing Mother Shirley. She is still I fireball and I adore that about her.

Happy Weekend,


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step 
       – Lao Tse

Good Morning, Happy Monday to all.
Here are some photos I took when I go walking outside. I walk for an hour through West Hollywood and Beverly Hills when I do not do the treadmill at home or at the gym. Now I am also incorporating a little bit if running at the Beverly Hills Park. I hope to do some sort of 5k in the future, of course mostly walking but I am working on being a beginner runner as well. Nature is the best accompaniment and I love the trees here in California.

Of course I have such a beautiful place to walk, and I soak in every sight and splendor as I work out. Note the tree doing a back bend, it took my breath away. When I am farther in my yoga practice I will be as limber as that tree, the tree is a sign to continue on and never give up. Stand strong, stand tall and persevere.

Save The Last Dance For Me – Michael BublĂ©

I am a dancer and a poet, so it is natural that I am motivated and inspired by music. Everything I do has a soundtrack. When I write I sometimes pick a particular harmony to listen to, it wakes up my senses. I wrote a nature poem last night and I was listening to John Denver.  When I dance it is the same thing, my body follows the rhythm of the music. Nothing like doing the Rumba with a partner to Save The Last Dance For Me by Michael Buble. I am listening to it now and I can imagine the movements in my head. Dance and music are a major turn on for me, always has been and always will be. Same thing with ballet, doing the barre portion of a class is intensified when there is a live piano accompaniment, as is your center work. Your leaps get larger and you travel with more gusto across the dance floor. It is a complete high, and that is why I cannot wait to begin dancing again. I do not drink, I dance. 

When doing cardio it is much of the same. I find myself moving much quicker and with more zest when I listen to music. It puts that extra pep in my step and makes me get my heart rate up without feeling like I am doing anything harder to get there. I was listening to some very fast classic rock yesterday as I was out speed walking and I decided I would share what was on my playlist as I rocked my speed walk across the miles in West Hollywood. Keep dancing and rock on.  What music do you work out to?

Kid is Hot Tonight Loverboy
Double Vision Foreigner
I Want To Rock and Roll All Night Kiss
Cheap Trick I Want You To Want Me ( I sing this at karaoke )
Hungry Like The Wolf, Duran Duran
Surrender Cheap Trick
I Ran A Flock Of Seagulls 
You Shook Me All Night Long ACDC
Somebody Told Me The Killers
Take Me Out Franz Ferdinand
Limelight Rush
I Melt With You Modern English
Big Country Big Country
Fox on the Run The Sweet
Paradise on the Dashboard Light Meatloaf