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Good evening to all. I have to admit I have spring or summer fever. I know it is still winter and most of the country is digging out from the snow and cold, but the sun was shining to bright today it gave me spring and summer fever. You know that feeling you get when everything begins anew. I tend to get inspired a lot and this evening was no exception, The sunsets here are so beautiful, as beautiful as the sunshine at it’s brightest. California days and nights tend to bring out my creative flow.

When I was out for my walk/run I stopped at the art store and picked up some pencils. I used to draw a lot up until my 30’s and I wondered if I can still do it. You are never to old to revisit the passions of yesterday and to create new ones. I believe living for passion is a youth elixir that makes life so fulfilling and keeps you young and vital. You can never have enough passions in life.

I know one of the first things I am going to attempt to draw. I saw a tree the other day, it was completely barren except for one last bloom, clinging on despite the windy day.That bloom to me is a metaphor for life. We all have another bloom left in us, another chance to blossom. No matter how barren things may appear, there is always hope if we cling on to the promise of tomorrow and another chance to begin anew. 

Dinner was simple and healthy tonight, since I was in summer mode I made the most delicious vegetarian burgers, healthy style. If I did not know any better I would have believed it is almost the 4th of July. 

I am going to continue this inspiration as my Monday approaches and my busy week of work and workouts. I feel that this project has in some way brought me back to life, and I feel like I can do anything I set my heart and mind to. I am so inspired and grateful for each and every chance I get to begin anew; to be healthy, lose weight and and return to my former fit self.  To sow my creative oats and to help those in need. I could not ask for more. Love and light to all.