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Happy Thursday!! Today is day three, back to counting my points, I’m proud to say I’m getting my willpower back. Soon I will be volunteering at the Horse Sanctuary. I lost my first ten. I’m going to remember I’m accountable to the charities I pick every time I want to succumb to stress eating, it helps me stay the course. Giving back is a lot of what this blog was about in the past, and I’m trying to make it just as much so now. Lose weight, give back and get fit. 

On that note I’m helping plan a bake sale for a great cause. Save the date!! We are planning a bake sale for Saturday September 28, 2019 12:00-3:00. All funds are going to help my friends dog Oreo, who needs surgery. I’m making vegan goodies and there will be plenty of baked goods to choose from. All the information is on the flyer photo below. There is also a go-fund me page. I understand what it’s like to have astronomical vet bills. Our companion animals are family. Isn’t Oreo just the cutest? If you live in the Houston area or anywhere near The Woodlands you should stop by. There will be lots of goodies for a very good cause. Save the date!!

Love and Light to all! It’s coffee time!!



Good Thursday Morning to all and a very Happy Birthday to my husband James. I owe so much to him, and everything I have evolved to be is because of his influence. We are two adventurers of life, never knowing what destination we will call home. I love living life like it is a big adventure. Happy Happy Birthday Jamesy!!

We are Palm Springs bound tomorrow, so I will take lots of photos and share them. I am so excited to have a get-a-way, and I look forward to eating healthy yet delicious. I did promise my husband James I would eat some Birthday cake, even though he wants to me indulge more with him but I am not giving in. My first real cheat day is Thanksgiving. My healthy lifestyle does not slow down for weekend get-a-ways. That does not mean I will not enjoy myself, but within reason and with healthy and delicious choices.

James and Rose 1998 at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio

Yesterday was my workout with Mike, and it is now getting harder. He actually said he has never seen me sweat like that. No complaints though, I know when things start to get too easy or simple it is so important to climb to the next level even if the challenge makes you feel like you are right back to being a beginner. We did the circuit machines and the TRX, and I planked on my arms with the TRX in my legs. I thought I was so good at planking, and then a new challenged fed me humble pie, it was so so hard. We ran, and we keep running more and more each time and I think I may be improving. I still struggle with my breath but I think it may be getting a little better.

I love the park at that time of night, it is dark but the whole park is illuminated my lights. People are there doing their own personal workouts or practicing softball. There is the distraction of dogs everywhere. As we were running my eyes caught this beautiful black lab leap mid air for a softball. Right there was inspiration, grace in motion from a canine. There is a feeling of camaraderie, that spirit envelops the air you breathe and you almost feel like you are a kid playing outside after hours. I am so grateful for Mike, not only does he take the time to train, motivate and teach me, but working out with him is just plain fun with lots of laughter and it never feels like a chore. 

I love feeling like a kid again, and I believe since I have moved here to Southern California I have truly become the epitome’ of a Californian. I wonder if a lot of the New Yorker in me is fading. I am a true outdoor girl now. I am making progress and that makes me very happy indeed. Life is always evolving, and it is never ever to late to learn something new and be a better version of yourself. I will continue to always have this zest for life no matter how old I get. I love life, living, and the people and animals that make it so worthwhile.

Tonight I am just doing some cardio after work than getting ready for our weekend trip, and hanging out with that cats and James. 
Wishing everyone a beautiful Thursday of love and light.


Good Morning, and a Happy Wednesday to all. This weekend I plan on writing more in depth about the Monday Night Mission, and Seasons 52’s role in donating food. I have been very busy and I need some free time to get it done. It was definitely a humbling and moving experience and I plan on returning at least once a month if I can get a friend to accompany me downtown. I was proud to serve the residents of Skid Row for my ten pound goal, and hope to do more in the future.

Yesterday morning I weighed in and I lost 2 more pounds bringing my total weight loss to 17 pounds and my weight total is now 180 pounds. When I started in July I weighed 197 pounds. I am so happy to be making this happen the healthy way. I am also grateful to have such supportive people in my corner. I have pushed my next charity Project Cuddle to 30 pounds since it is going to take a little time to plan, so I am looking for a charity for my 20 pound goal. I am so close, and I will do the charity when I am a few pounds past my twenty pound goal to make sure I have the  20 pound weight loss set in stone. It feels amazing to get fit and lose weight all while helping others in the process. I always wish to give more of myself, and that will always be a goal of mine. 

Last night I worked out with Mike, and we really had a great workout. I bought some new shoes, and it really seemed to make a difference. At first I was scared, he almost found some stairs to climb. The stairs were not an option since the building was closed so he decided we would run instead. My ankle is about healed and I have new shoes so no more excuses, time to step up my game. I did great, and at a few points I actually ran fast, or fast for me. It was an amazing feeling to be able to do something that gives me anxiety. Part of the issue is I am a heavy breather and it is embarrassing. I even made a joke that we should prank someone when I am running, I sound like a heavy breather on the other end of the telephone. Off topic, do kids make prank calls anymore? We pranked people all the time, I guess with modern phones you cannot do that these days. I am guilty for some really bad prank calls back in my early teens.

We ran, and did more core work and worked the machines over and over. It was challenging but I am feeling so much lighter and stronger. I planked and went up and down from an elbow plank to a hand plank, and that was definitely challenging but I did it. Towards the end we were running around the park one last time, and this dog jumped at me to as if to say hello as we ran by, and Mike made a joke that the dog was my cheering squad there to get welcome me over the finish line. I imagined all of these dogs lined up  at the finish line to cheer you on as you complete your marathon. One of the things I love about this park is that there are dogs everywhere, and you always make a new dog friend each week. This week I made friends with Dexter, a beautiful German Sheppard, and of course my white fluffy furry cheerleader.

Today is work, I slept well for the first time in days so I feel great. Yoga with Nicole later this evening. I am going to try to sneak in a treadmill workout in between work and yoga. I wish everyone a bright and beautiful Wednesday. Love and light to all.


Good Morning to all. I am so sleepy today, and I am so happy it is Wednesday. The weekend is almost here, we are almost over the hump. My little rascals were in rare form this morning, so my sleep was really compromised last night. I had to lock both cats out of the room, but of course Spanky howls loud and I had to let him back in. I adore my cats but they really love to mess with our sleep. I think they think we are their  personal play things.

Yesterday I did a new workout with Mike my trainer and friend. He had these cords you put on a tree and then you use the resistance of your own body weight.I love working out in the park, I get the fresh breeze on my face and I am surrounded by trees.  The workout was really challenging which is good, I can see this new feature to my workout is going to really work. My body is really changing and I am so happy and grateful. I am stronger, fitter and I weigh less. I cannot weight to see my weight get in the 170’s. I am so close. 

I got to meet Mike’s lovely girlfriend Maria and three precious dogs. I love dogs, we just have cats since it is a bit more convenient for us. Cats are a handful but they do not need walking. One day we will get a dog too. I would take in all animals if I could. I think it may be time I visit the animal shelter again.

Tonight is my weekly yoga class over at Pink Iron with Nicole. I love her Nicole and her class. It is not until 7:00 so it gives me time after work to figure out dinner and relax a little. I am off for now, I am so sleepy I can hardly function. Coffee, yes coffee is definitely needed today and not just for the taste. Today I need that bolt of energy from caffeine.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday.
Love and Light always,