Good Morning to all. Looks like I am taking a day to rest from work. I have a head cold and it seems like the little bugger got the best of me, so I feel better to rest today so I am not down for the count for my Birthday and Christmas.

Speaking of my upcoming Birthday. We are going to Musso and Frank’s, a bucket list must and I am so excited. I am not only celebrating my late December birthday on the 21st but my 20 pound weight loss since I began this journey, ( 30 pounds since January).  I am also celebrating the fact that I am following up on all of my plans as I go into the New Year. I am content to say I did not give up, and as I make my new New Year’s resolutions I will be so inspired and motivated. I am so happy I am taking on this project with more to come in 2014. I am so grateful that I have met so many amazing people who have touched my heart. All of this in six months.

A birthday dinner means a new dress, and I found one I love in a size medium. I just need to accessorize it with shoes etc and I am good to go.I had planned to only shop when I got to my final weight, but when nothing fits except your workout clothes shopping is a must.  It is a lot more fun when you are losing weight. 

I may be under the weather, but my spirits are so high. The toy drive is in full swing, and I will be shopping for my toys this weekend. I need to write out some Christmas cards, so since I will be resting today I have the perfect opportunity to do so, and maybe some reading too.

Wishing you a beautiful day.

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