It has been a while since I have posted. The Holidays hit both my husband James and I hard this year. The last few years were difficult due to the loss of multiple loved ones. On top of that we had some other personal struggles, which made Christmas and my Birthday  difficult. It’s a time you cannot escape the depression of missing a loved one. You can run, but on Christmas you cannot hide. We chose to just stay close to each other and our kitties and allow ourselves to feel the pain just a little. We also have been reflecting on how we can change our lives and live life to the utmost fullest. When you hit rock bottom, the only way out it up. That’s where the light is. I’m following the light.

With this relevation I have decided to start brand new( again). This time I plan to not only blog about my weight loss and fitness journey, but to blog on my journey to make my life more fulfilling. A true lifestyle blog on how to really improve your life and live your best life ever. I have never done this so I’m going to learn as I go. 2019 has 365 days to make a wrong a right, and to write about this new journey of mine. When Christmas hits next year, I’m going to be in a completely different mindset and place in my mind. I’ve been depressed for a few years, since my Mom died and the move away from California. My survivor Mom is inside of me and so is the spirit of California. I’m going to use the lessons I learned and go for it. 

I wrapped up my food drive and my toy drive, and 2018 is almost in the history books. I am grateful for so much even through the sorrow. I’m ready to take my sour lemons and turn them into sweet surprises. I do love lemonade and sharing it with anyone who needs a little extra sweetness in their life.

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