I love California, and I love the lifestyle that comes with being a Californian. Recently my husband James had a few interviews with a company in NYC, and it was looking like a quick move was in our future. A move very similar to the one we made almost four years ago when we packed our bags and got on a plane with our two beloved cats and made the 3,000 mile journey from NYC to California. It was such an adventure for me since it was my first time in the golden state ever. We moved in three weeks, and when I look back I cannot believe we attempted such an endeavor and pulled it off  so seamlessly.

The company he interviewed with sent him an email and told him they were pursuing someone local, and we are both extremely relieved. I have so many plans for California, and those plans would have been lost in the smoke of the jet stream of the plane taking us back to the big apple. To say I am not ready is an understatement. My husband’s friend told me I am as California as the sun.

I have decided now that a move is behind us, to focus on writing and conquering a new fitness/adventure bucket list. I am evolving and a lot of things on my former fitness bucket list are still things I wish to do, but a lot of them are ongoing which would take more funds, or they are in other states.

Here is my list and I hope to start marking off items very soon. 

This list will always be evolving, and it is a little different from my fitness challenges and milestone list. These are the big accomplishments and adventures I wish to make happen.

1. Trapeze Classes at Trapeze school in Santa Monica.
2. Learn to surf
3.Paddle boarding
4.Go Kayaking
5.Snorkel ( I did this in Hawaii, would like to do so in California too).
6. Scuba Dive
7.Swim with dolphins
8.Heli Pad Yoga
9.Nature bike ride, no cars
10.Mud run
11.Hike to the Hollywood Sign
12.Rock Climbing
13.get my group exercise certifications
14. get yoga certified
15.30 day yoga challenge
16. Be featured in a magazine, as a before and after 
17.Aerial Yoga
18.Dance classes, ballet, ballroom, hula, belly dance, flamenco, you name it when I have the funds I will do it. 
19.Fire Groove classes
20.Learn Martial arts
21.Horse back riding
22. Go camping, for real
23.Go Kite boarding
24.Zip line
25. indoor skydive
26.Trampoline class
27. white water rafting
28.Whale watching
29.Maybe, maybe do a fitness competition
30.lose all my weight
31.Learn to ice skate

 I am not sure I am brave enough to bungee jump or sky dive, but never say never.

Also, when I visit Pittsburgh I want to work out with my best friend Melissa Bender@ Melissabenderfitness.

Do yoga with my good friend Tracy Gittens in San Diego at her studio Galazy lifestyle and fitness.

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