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This blog is about loving life. Giving back to society and all creatures of the universe, being the healthiest and best you possible, making dreams come true, basking in nature’s glory.  These are the goals I work on daily, and I also have met my share of struggles along the way. When that happens, I just crank up some upbeat music and get moving and reflect on the bigger picture, or sometimes I listen to melancholic music and write poetry. Either way I work through my melodrama and come out smiling again. Trees shadow the sun, but the luminous one above always finds a way to make an appearance.

Yesterday was Friday the 13th, and depending how you perceive things it was a day of good luck for me. I fell, and I fell hard on the cement. My friend was driving down the street and beeped for me. I noticed her, and in a split second I tripped and landed on my hands face first. My hands broke my fall. A driver of a bus stopped to see if I was hurt, and I was no worse for wear as I stood up and dusted my embarrassed self off.

Was it bad luck that I fell or good luck that I was not injured. I look at it from the latter point. From my vantage view the glass is always more than half full, and I am sure the fact that I am becoming fit and strong had something to do with my injury free tumble.

So as I put lotion on my scraped hands, I reflect on the cry baby moment I had about my weight staying the same for a few weeks, I realize in the scheme of struggles this is not one. Yesterday I was asked for a quarter by a homeless person, my weight plateau is not a true struggle and I was shamed in an instant.  I will tackle this challenge and make it happen, it is just a plateau and just another dare for me. I accept.

Love and Light

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