Good Morning and a Happy Friday to all. I love Friday’s, since moving to Los Angeles both my husband James and I do not work weekends. On Saturday’s we go on mini adventures. California is an amazing place to explore and discover. Today it is completely overcast, which feels totally like Autumn, without the cold temperatures you get back east.

Yesterday I took my second Iyengar Yoga class, which is slow and you hold the poses much longer than a Vinyasa class. It helps you work on your poses and correct alignment. It is not an easy class, and you must engage your mind body connection. Tonight I am taking a Vinyasa class. I am practicing yoga five times a week now, and I can already feel my practice opening up. It is a fantastic feeling to work hard and feel the results. Daily yoga is my new lifestyle.

I am off for now. I think I need a second cup of coffee before I get moving and begin my day. I wish everyone a beautiful day and weekend.

Love and Light

2 thoughts on “DAILY YOGA PRACTICE

  1. Melissa Bender

    Yoga is a beautiful practice, and it requires such strength. Do you still have the Iyengar Yoga video I gave you? I know you love classes, but it’s a good one to have on hand if you can’t make it. 🙂


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