Daily Archives: December 9, 2013



Photo credit Linda Monteleone’

Good Monday Morning. I am freezing as I drink my coffee, and the heat is on. I am not letting this LA cold spell slow me down, I am out daily running and walking, but I have to admit it makes it harder to wake up so I am in a bit of a rush this morning.

I have changed my weigh in day to Friday, I like it so much better. It seems to make more sense to me. I am holding steady so far at twenty pounds. My announcement for my charity will be very soon.

Here is a poem I wrote on a frigid NYC morning, taking the train and dreaming with a cup of hot coffee warming my soul and body. Stay warm wherever you are…Love and light to all.




It’s another monotonous morning,

birds are chirping, but spring

has hardly paid a call or visit.

I drink my hot coffee, gripping

the cup like it holds liquid gold.

Fatigue sets in, mentally, physically;

a rat races inside my head.

I am emotionally, physically

drained from running mundane

marathons to empty destinations.

I imagine a kiss, a zealous kiss

that would bring summer

to my wintry body and soul.

Instead I sip, caffeinated tepid cafe;

and long for lips that scald,

daydreaming of a moment

that could warm all of my seasons.

 (c) Rose Bruno Bailey