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Happy Monday to all.  Sometimes I feel like life moves on the fast track and again like clockwork comes Monday morning. Where did the weekend go?  On Mondays I begin my week of workouts and make my plans for My Change For A Ten.  I am a little sleepy this week thanks to my Siamese cat Rascal and his fascination with the air conditioner cord. I have to get at the bottom of this mystery, I think he does it for attention because I wake up and feed him then he comes back and does it again. Thank goodness I hear him and I am able to stop him, this is a dangerous habit he has started and a great way to make me a little groggy Monday morning.

I have decided that I do not need to physically take the time to go into Weight Watchers to weigh in, when I can be using that time to do some sort of other workout activity. I can do Weight Watchers online and weigh in on Tuesday mornings first thing, and I believe that is the way to get the most accurate read on my weight. Plus my trainer Mike has asked to see my food diary on Tuesday, and that helps too. I really think I am doing well, and I have already started to get comments about my weight loss and I have only lost a few. I know I am losing inches too and I feel awesome albeit sleepy.

I wish everyone a beautiful and bright day. I am off to drink some needed coffee on this Monday Morning and eat a protein bar. I am way too sleepy for more. 

Here is a Monday poem, written in NYC waiting for the train in the midst of winter. It may make you appreciate that it is summer now. I remember how hard it was to be sleepy and go out into the bitter cold. California thank goodness saves me from that experience.


It’s another monotonous morning,
birds are chirping, but spring
has hardly paid a call or visit.
I drink my hot coffee, gripping
the cup like it holds liquid gold.
Fatigue sets in, mentally, physically;
a rat races inside my head.
I am emotionally, physically
drained from running mundane
marathons to empty destinations.
I imagine a kiss, a zealous kiss
that would bring summer
to my wintry body and soul.
Instead I sip, caffeinated tepid cafe;
and long for lips that scald,
daydreaming of a moment
that could warm all of my seasons.

(c) Rose Bruno Bailey


 Beautiful large tree in West Los Angeles shared with me by a friend who knows my love of trees.

Good morning, another Monday is upon us, and another weigh in for me.  I feel so confident I did well this week. I have kept up on all of my diet and exercise and have not given in when people have tried to tempt me to eat something I do not want to eat. I will post my new weight tomorrow. I definitely feel lighter and my work clothes are already getting big on me, which is wonderful. I know I have a long way to go though but I will keep forging forward. As of last week my weight was 196. It helps knowing so many people inspirational people. We are never in it alone.

My wonderful friend Ally asked me to post some quotes, I have often written quotes along with my poetry for years and she has as well. We have posted them on our Facebook pages for inspiration and motivation so I decided to share a few here. Melissa and I have talked about writing a positive affirmations type of book together after my poetry book is done. I hope you enjoy some of my own quotes I have written over the years. Happy Monday Love and Light to all.

Pick and choose your role models carefully. Remember the one quality in common all Disney princesses possessed, they were kind to all creatures of the universe. The practiced giving and they were never demanding. In fact I think it was always witches or wicked stepsisters that displayed selfish and mean tendencies. Rose Bruno Bailey

Take the time for others, pay attention. Life is a gift, and sharing kindness should be a given. No one should ever be treated as invisible. Rose Bruno Bailey 

Never take no for an answer, you hold the keys even if they do not fit. When a door locks, shatter a window!!! Rose Bruno Bailey

Explore the world, your dreams, yourself. Rose Bruno Bailey

Regrets are a waste of energy and emotion. You can pirouette in circles and spin out of control if you do not choose to live your true authentic life.

I  was born on December 21st, the winter solstice, shortest day of the year with the least amount of light, yet I have always felt enveloped by the saffron wonder above. Rose Bruno Bailey

Revisit yesterday’s passions and reinvent them into today’s resolutions. Be patient in your quest, remember to crawl before you walk. Enjoy the process of realizing your dreams and eliminating past regrets. As long as you are breathing you have the opportunity to begin anew.  Rose Bruno Bailey

Take a deep breathe and try to find a little calm within the everyday chaos. Rose Bruno Bailey

Change your perspective, go on new adventures, meet new people, it will enrich your soul and transform your life. Rose Bruno Bailey

I am in awe of the trees in Los Angeles. I live in an area where all you see are Bentley’s, Ferrari’s, and Lamborghini’s yet I am more interested in the beauty of the majestic trees. Nature holds more wealth than gold,  Walk barefoot in the grass, look up at the trees past the buildings, gaze at the azure blue sky, lay on your back and watch the clouds float by. Take time to notice the natural wonders we tend to take for granted. Rose Bruno Bailey

Organize your space, organize your thoughts. A clutter free home equals a clutter free mind. Rose Bruno Bailey

A visit to the ocean is the best cure for anxiety. There is nothing like diving in head first into crystal clear waters, it will clear your head in seconds. Do not be afraid to get your hair wet, it is well worth it in the end. No ocean nearby? Find a lake, a river, a pool. Just get in there and swim like you did when you were a kid.   Rose Bruno Bailey