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Good Morning to all, I have been out of commission and I have not updated in two weeks. That ends now. I plan to not only update my social media, but to spend more time writing here. I was sick with a kidney infection and believe it or not this week I have caught a bugger of a cold. That will not stop me, but it has slowed me down just a pinch. On top of that this brand new computer was a lemon. Time to make lemon-aid since it has been a scorcher here lately. 

My first update is SFYogamagazine featured my weight loss story on their website. It was quite an honor and I will include a link when I have more time.

I am an author now. Yes, I can finally say my first book Camellia in Snow has been released and is now available on amazon and barnesandnoble.com b
I am thrilled and beyond grateful to my amazing publisher Finnlady Press. My book will also be available at select independent bookstores across the country, this is why I have been busy. The first book store you can purchase Camellia in Snow at is BookShop Santa Cruz 1520 Pacific Avenue Santa Cruz, CA 95060 #831-423-0900. The other book stores I will announce as I make the rounds. I have been very busy with my workouts and training and work.

Speaking of my training. Tomorrow is my first 5K since my 5K in 2014 that turned into an accidental 10K. I am so excited, I am running with my boss who has run 26 marathons. Yes, 26 marathons. I am a bit intimidated but I plan to run without stopping. We are running in the Rock and Roll Marathon series San Jose 5K. He is also doing the half marathon on Sunday, I think he is not of this world. He is inspiring to me especially because he started running during a crisis. I will write more about him later.

Ok I am off, I will begin posting my Melissa Bender Workout schedule next week after the race, and I plan to update my sidebar with links to my book etc. Today I work and I have to go pick up my race packet so I must get moving quick. I need a caturday soon. 

Much Love and Light to alL





bfGood Morning to all. I cannot believe it is August already. I have so much going on, a book coming out and events for my book, and some upcoming transitions are possibly going to take place. Let’s just say I am used to transitions, and I welcome them. I have lived in so many places,seen so many wonderful things and met some amazing people. I admit to slacking off on my training, stress took over. A month ago I joined weightwatchersonline, and it has been a game changer since I finally broke my long standing plateau. I lose 7 lbs in two weeks. The Third week I weighed the same and tomorrow is weigh in week four. I am currently 169 lbs, up 4 lbs from my lowest weight. I felt a slip in scale when I was away for a long weekend in Monterey CA, but I quickly caught the gain and now I have just four pounds to go to be where I was at 165. Then I am picking a charity to get to 155 lbs. I think that is why it is so important to be diligent and check your weight at least every few weeks, slip ups can be sneaky and before you know it you have gained all of your weight back. That will never happen to me, I love my lifestyle and my new life and I am ready to tackle the second phase and become stronger and fitter than I have ever been in a long time.

When I started this blog I had a trainer which was very helpful and I am grateful for that. Now I have Melissa Bender Fitness. She is not only my best friend but my trainer from afar and my inspiration to keep going. She asked me to be her Fitness Ambassador last spring and now I am ready to be the best fitness ambassador ever. Starting today I am doing week one of her Three Month Bikini Preperation workouts she did for her bikini competition training. May I add she came home with a few awards. I am tailoring the three month workouts to be on my schedule, Monday-Friday and adding one over the weekend as well. I am spending a lot of time planning, watching the videos so I know what I am doing. I use my handy iphone to take photos of the workout breakdowns and I downloaded a timer app on my phone so I can do them in real time without watching the videos. I plan to do them at home and at the park. I also am going to be more timely with my posts, and do daily updates on here. I know the first week will be the hardest, but I got this. check her out at www.benderfitness.com


Along with my workouts I am running and walking. I am training for the Rock and Roll 5K in San Jose with my team from work, my new Manager has run over 29 Marathons, I told him he is not of this world. I hope to have one marathon under my belt someday. I have a lot of people inspiring me to run more. My Manager, Melissa Bender, and my friend Harry who is going to be running with me this week to prep for my Golden Gate Bridge run. I am excited for it all. I have a new playlist and a new anti-stress attitude. No matter what comes my way, I will not stop til I get to my goals.

Happy Monday to all.





Melissa from BenderFitness completed  a half marathon with her husband Jesse. I am so proud of them both and wish them congrats on the amazing accomplishment of running in The Pittsburgh Marathon.Such inspiration.

I am beginning a more specialized running format. I still need to get a fitbit or pedometer and new running shoes but for now I am just going by time and what I know the distance to be. Melissa @BenderFitness composed this schedule for me. I have already been running three times per week but starting on May 11th 2015 I am going to document my training starting with this training schedule below. I hope to eventually run in a half marathon. I am meeting one of my new running friends for coffee and inspiration soon. I am not competing with anyone but me, building my base.

If you have not guessed it already, my first fitness goal will have everything to do with running. I will be writing about the specifics of what I plan to do in a future post when I compose my top ten list of goals to accomplish. Why do I run?  I run because I never thought I could run without stopping or walking. Now I am hooked on my runner’s high.
Here is my running training schedule from Melissa Bender Fitness


Run 3X Per Week for 2 Weeks

Goal: Run 3.1 Miles or 30 Minutes continuously at a comfortable pace.

Types of Runs:

1. Slow Easy Run: Run Continuously without Walking. Don’t worry about pace.


Run 3-4X Per Week for 4 Weeks

Goal: Improve consistency and pacing.

Types of Runs:

1. Two to three Easy paced runs at a comfortable pace: 3.1 miles or 30 minutes.

2. One to two runs at a slightly faster pace. Moderate Pace: You should be pushing and breathing heavier, but able to talk if needed. Use a stopwatch, phone running app or GPS watch during runs. Complete the same run you do on your Easy days, but focus on doing it a little bit faster. Don’t go to fast, you still want to complete the run without stopping to walk.


Run 3-5X Per Week

Goal: Improve Speed, Consistency and Endurance.

1. Two to three Easy paced runs at a comfortable pace: 3.1 miles or 30 minutes.

2. One Moderate Pace Run per Week.

3. One to Two Speed Workouts. Select 1-2 of the workouts below and incorporate them into your week).

  • 5 Minutes Easy/5 Minutes Hard:

-5 Minute Warm-up, Run 5 Minutes at Easy Training Pace, Transition into 5 Minutes Hard (Faster than your Moderate Training Pace), 5 Minutes Easy, Complete with 5 Minute Cool Down. Total Workout Time: 25 Minutes.

  • In-Run Sprints:

During your run incorporate 20-Seconds Hard Sprinting followed by 40 seconds at normal running pace. Repeat this 4-6 times during a normal 30-minute run. Start the sprints at the 10 or 15 minute running mark.

  • Run 25-30 Minutes at your normal pace. Complete the run with four to six 20-second sprints. In between sprints walk back to your starting point.
I am going to be doing the Bikini Prep workouts at least 3 times a week with some yoga a few times a week. I am going to be keeping a journal of my progress. I am on day two.
I looked down and saw a ladybug. A sign of good things to come. What are you doing to make your dreams a reality? Does it help to have a good support system?

​Get it!!