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When I lived in Connecticut I had a manager where I worked, he told me I was a butterfly and I needed to slow down and stay put. It is obvious that I have not headed that advice because since then I have done anything but slow down. I have lived in so many interesting places, never slowing down. NYC, LA, now the San Francisco Bay Area. These places have shaped me, my writing, and my whole world. Of course it is my partner in life and husband James who has made all of this possible, that never goes unnoticed.

I have been so  overwhelmed with a lot of things in my life, good things but even so a bit overwhelmed. I have slacked off on my daily posts on this blog and that is going to change right this minute. My book Camellia in Snow is in the process of being completed thanks to FinnLady Press back east, and there are details that have been a little all consuming. Now I am going to make the time for both my loves, my blog and my book. They are not one in the same but in a way they are, they are the essence of my being. Without this blog and my weight loss my confidence would have never returned. I had the chance to have my poetry book published back in 2010 and I passed because of my move to Los Angeles. I had a second chance in 2013 and I passed again when I saw my photo from the open mic. I just had lost all confidence and I needed to find myself again. 

Here I find myself, in 2015 and 50 lbs lighter with a lot of help from my friends and mentors in life. My friends are my teachers and I am eternally grateful.  I am a former dancer who hated running, and now I absolutely love it. I am a fitness buff and ambassador to Melissa Bender Fitness and clean eater. I love my blog which combines weight loss/fitness with philanthropy and I am looking into ways to make it grow and do a lot more good in the communities I live in, now and moving forward. I am planning all kinds of fitness milestones like surfing and running the Golden Gate Bridge, this time four or five times. All of this with my first poetry book coming out in a few months, along with book events to do locally and in LA and back in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. I still also play waitress in the evenings. Yes, I have been busy but I would not have it any other way. My motto is you can do anything at any age as long as you believe. All you need is a strong desire and belief in yourself, and maybe a little morning coffee. You deserve everything you dream of and more. Namaste’ Love and Light to all. 






Runner’s High on 4/20 day


It has been about four weeks since I started running seriously. I admit it took me this long to fall in love with running. I am finally there, and thanks to BenderFitness I am officially a runner. Melissa taught me how to run to maintain my pace and achieve distance without stopping or walking.

Yesterday I achieved a fitness milestone, running over the Golden Gate Bridge and back again. It is a total of 3.4 miles. It was the most euphoric feeling and I am so happy to have shared the moment with one of my dear friends Kristina who visited over the weekend from NYC.

Kristina is running a half marathon in Brooklyn NYC in October and that has inspired me to do a half marathon in November instead of the 10k. I know I will really have to train and Melissa Bender and I are in the works coming up with a training program to get me there.

The sky’s the limit. It was national 420 day and I earned my runner’s high and crossed an item off my fitness bucket list. It was the most amazing moment and next I plan to run over it four times and do a few 5K’s as I train for the bigger races. I am so in love with running and cannot believe it took me this long to get there. Better late than never.


Love and light