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I am in love with the written word, it could take you far beyond your four walls. For children it could be a lifeline to dream of new adventures especially when those four walls start to close in. So it is natural that I have decided to do a book drive for children for my next charity. I am a poet and writer and do not know where I would be without this creative way to express myself. Even though I did not start writing until I was 38, I have always loved to read. When my Mother had triple bypass surgery, books kept me sane. 

I will announce who I am collecting books for soon. I found a wonderful non profit here in Los Angeles who works with children and literacy and I have been in contact with them through email. They are gracious and happy I would like to assist with their endeavors.

Off for now. Work, errands and workout. I promised my trainer Mike I would eat more so I am off to make 2 eggs before leaving today. 

I wish you love and light and all of your dreams to be a reality. I believe if you believe, anything is possible.