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I announced yesterday that I am a fitness ambassador for MelissaBenderFitness and I begin my workouts on Monday the 5th of January.  I am doing her three month Bikini Competition Prep workouts that she used before she competed and placed in a bikini competition.  I have three goals I am working towards in the next three months. To finish the three month workout plan and to become strong enough to take trapeze classes, and to develop my home yoga practice supplemented with studio time. I will also be choosing a charity to assist as well.

I am also going to be following how she eats, yet gearing it for me and my own personal tastes and lifestyle. It is very similar to how I normally eat, and the way I ate to lose my first 45 lbs. 

Here is the link to her grocery list. My husband and I went shopping and bought food for weeks, which will help me be consistent and not have to run to the grocery store every day like I did when we lived in West Hollywood. The lifestyle if different here in San Francisco than it was in  LA so I must plan ahead to be successful.

I am truly excited for the beginning the workouts, and getting ready and strong enough to take Trapeze Classes as well as developing my yoga practice.  Beginning the new year on a right note.

Love and Light 






Soups, they are so simple and satisfying. I love to make soups, one pot wonders that make it easy to eat healthy and there is always an abundance for the next day. Warm your heart and soul with my healthy yet delicious chicken soup with grains and vegetables and remember to share with someone you love. Soups are the perfect autumn dinner and make the chill a little more tolerable. Paired with some crusty whole grain bread and a simple  spinach salad mixed with oil and vinegar and you have such a well rounded and healthy meal. Manga’

You will need:
For grains
Olive oil
Low sodium chicken stock, as much as directions calls for in place of water.
One package Mirepoix mix or a blend of chopped celery, carrots, and onions.
One pack of Trader Joe’s Harvest Grains Blend or a pack of Orzo
Start by sauteing Mirepoix mix in 2 tablespoons olive oil, and make Harvest Grains Blend or orzo with low sodium chicken stock in place of water, following directions. After cooked set aside.

For Soup:
One package of carrots
One large onion
One package turnips
One package carrots
a few cloves of garlic
Two cartons low sodium chicken stock
Four boneless chicken breasts
Fresh dill
Dried thyme
sea salt, ground pepper

This is such a simple yet delicious soup.  
1. Add chopped carrots, celery, onions, garlic, and turnips to a large pot. 
2. Add boneless chicken and both cartons of low sodium chicken stock.
3. Flavor with a generous amount of fresh dill, sea salt, ground pepper and dried thyme.  
4. Bring to a rolling boil, careful to not let the soup over boil. 
5. Bring temperature down to low and let simmer for over one hour until the chicken has cooked through. 
6. Remove chicken and chop in nice size bites and add chicken pieces back to the soup. 
7. Add half of the grain/orzo mix to soup and blend. 

It was so delicious, especially with oyster crackers. James ate three bowls. I am making soup this evening, and I just purchased a crock pot so I will be experimenting with my new cooking toy soon.

Love and Light to all