Daily Archives: November 21, 2013


Just a quick blog, a gratitude moment of all the people I have encountered because I decided to take on this project. Tonight after yoga I am meeting with Francie, we met during the Richard Simmons Hair Do video shoot and have become fast friends.  Here is a few photos of the amazing people I have met along the way, and there are many more who I do not have photos of. It is the friends, old and new that keeps you going. We are never in it alone. I will add captions later, I am running so late today. Love to all my friends, old and new.
Have a great day all.

With Richard and Tori

Mike on the left with The Monday Night Mission

Joanne and Susan, my faves.

The Monday Night Mission with Courtney and Danny, Mike and Maria

Susan, a lovely friend, Richard Simmons, me, and Joanne

Francie, Erin, Richard, George, Me, Shoshana

Francie and me, fasr friends forever.

Me with Erin

Me Gigi with the Guess Marketing Team and Richard

Richard Simmons and me after the video shoot

My first and current yoga teacher at Pink Iron with Nicole

Francie and me

The O’donnell Family