Daily Archives: November 20, 2013


I have started running, and I am a complete beginner. I am trying to run on my own as well as with Mike my trainer and I am planning a 5K with some co-workers and my management from Seasons 52 in March. I totally have my work cut out for me because I am not very good at running, but I am getting better. Yesterday I went running walking, and I alternated between the two and I had music which made me feel like I actually was getting into a running rhythm. So I thought of a few things that I am learning about my own running, and here is the list.

1. I have to get my ipod set up, because running  with music makes all of the difference.

2. Alternating  between running and walking is a bit easier for me and I actually was having fun.

3. Here in California I prefer to run after the sun goes down, it is just more comfortable.

4. Wow, running makes you sweat so much more than speed walking. For me even when chilly, layers are not needed.

5. Do not drink too much water before running, you may find yourself running to find a restroom.

6. The Goo Goo Dolls song Slide is the perfect rhythm for my running. I can run to it over and over.

7. Running makes your thighs feel so heavy, and makes you so more.

8. Your breathing may be loud and heavy which I find embarrassing. You may find you sound like a heavy breather when you run, which is fine if you are a teenager and you like to make prank calls like we did when we were silly and young. Then again I bet teenagers these days do not prank, everyone would know it was them pranking. Anonymity is gone in the modern world. The breathing is getting a little better though.

9. Run on your mid foot to heals, it just feels better. Make sure you stretch after and get enough electrolytes. I tend to cramp up because I run low on potassium. Coconut water helps with that issue.

10. Keep at it, and do not care how you look to others.

Namaste and Happy Wednesday