Daily Archives: October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween to all. I am a bit under the weather so I am taking a few days off to rest and hoping I do not come down with the flu. I have been lightheaded with major body aches but this morning I feel slightly better. Mike has been really busy and unable to work out, and this week it works out for me since I need to reserve my energy. I will train with him again as soon as his schedule opens up.  I am grateful for his time always. This weekend I plan on going to the gym and using the weight machines so I am not to behind when we resume working out.

James and I have this Halloween tradition we started in Pittsburgh. We make a feast, turn on our Halloween lights, carve a pumpkin and watch scary movies together. The cold of Pittsburgh really fueled the feeling of the tradition but we still do it even here in California. Of course I am modifying the food because I am not cheating until Thanksgiving. I may try to get a walk in if I feel better after work before he gets home. 

Off for now. Happy Happy Halloween to all.Be safe with your trick or treats. xo
Love and Light.