Daily Archives: October 29, 2013


Update on the scale issue and my weight. My husband fixed the battery disk and the scale is now working. I got on and I can officially say I lost three pounds. I am now at the twenty pound mark so in about 5 pounds I will be doing my next charity which I will do a blog post about it this week. 

I have now lost 20 pounds since July, and thirty pounds since January. My weight is now 177 pounds. Wow, that makes me feel like a million dollars. Love and light to all.


Good Morning to all. I just woke up and went to do my Tuesday routine and weight myself on my scale and it is broken. Never in my life have I been so disappointed in the fact that I cannot weigh myself. So now, light breakfast and I am contemplating if I will weigh myself tomorrow with a new scale, or wait one week and skip the scale all together this week. I will probably look for a scale at CVS tonight.

Last night a co-worker and friend Casey asked if I would like to go hiking in Griffith Park after work, so I skipped my yoga plans and went hiking. We went until it poured rain, and we got soaked but we got a good hour hike in. The view was incredible and I want to go hiking more. It is good to mix up your activity now and then. Before she took me for sushi, and it is new for me since I just quit being a vegetarian. I liked it though, and I loved the green tea. I am not usually a fan of Asian food but I really did enjoy it and it was super healthy.

She snapped a few full length photos of me. These are me still at 180 since I do not know how much I weigh today. For the record that is my weight so far until I get on a scale. Look at the definition in my arms. You can see I am working out. At the bottom I am posting one of my before photos to compare.

Off for my day, more hard work to do and a scale to buy.
Namaste’ Love and Light

Before photo below
Before photo above