Daily Archives: August 18, 2013


There is nothing like Yoga practice to give you that mind body connection. I feel so zen today after my class with Nicole Sherman at Pink Iron. I am trying to do as much yoga as possible, and I can see my practice is opening up with each class. Today we did a lot of hip openers, which feels completely marvelous, especially afterwards. I am really getting more flexible by the day and that makes me completely happy. Afterwards I awarded myself with a fresh squeezed carrot/cucumber juice from my friends at WeHo Bistro. Now it is time to eat a healthy lunch and workout soon. I love being so active, I feel like I am floating on a cloud.

Yoga fuels my muse, here is a poem I wrote that was featured in Lightworkers World. It is how I view my yoga practice. 
Love and Light to all


Coming from me, a poet and former ballet dancer,
yoga combines the cerebral aspects of my brain with the physical reality of my body;
stanzas gesturing in motion.
As I transition from asana to asana, my mind poses that
age old question; am I one with the universe?
The answer is always a definite yes.
I feel as if I am the salt of the earth below my toes, the clouds hovering above my head.
I realize not only am I one with the earth and the universe, I am so with all creatures;
and one with my sometimes puzzling psyche.
By the time I reach the elusive state of savasana I feel as if I am floating above my body.
I finally return back to earth in prayer pose to recite that final namaste,
in that belated moment of clarity I am reminded of the gratitude I have for being heaven sent yet earth bound.
(c) Rose Bruno Bailey