Daily Archives: August 3, 2013


Good morning and Happy Saturday to all. I am enjoying a quiet morning with my cats and my sleeping husband. Just me, my thoughts and some delicious coffee to begin the day. I think I am in good company. Richard Simmons is having a theme class today, he is going to play all Beatles music. I wish I could go since I love the Beatles, but I feel I needed at least one morning at home to decompress and gather my thoughts from the week. I will do my cardio later in the day. My ankle still feels slightly tender but I am not going full speed so it will be as good as new by Monday or Tuesday. 

I love exercise, and I absolutely love Yoga.  Yoga gives me much of what I remember from ballet class. A true mind and body connection. I plan on taking ballet classes at Align Ballet Method here in West Hollywood as soon as I feel comfortable enough to put on a leotard. I have not taken a formal yoga class in over one year, but I have been meaning to add it to my regimen. Tomorrow is the day I do so. 

My favorite local yoga teacher teaches right by my house three days a week, and today I am calling to see if you can drop in on her yoga classes. If so, I am taking class with her Sundays at 11:00 am. Her name is Nicole and I will include a photo of her at a future date. She has the quality that every yoga teacher I know has, that serene nurturing quality. I am totally happy I may be able to take classes with her again. She also has a company called Honu Yoga and she makes yoga shirts for men, women, and children. She made me one last year when I hosted Downward Dog For Cats. Tomorrow at class I will be picking up my very own bright orange Honu Yoga tee with My Change For A Ten on it. She is so lovely and I really look forward to practicing with her again.


Last Autumn I contributed three poems to the wonderful website Lightworkers World. They also have a Facebook Page by the same name. These poems are all about inspiration, light and are related to the yogi mindset.  Here is the link if you would like to read three of my poems featured at Lightworkers World. I hope you enjoy them and I wish you a beautiful Saturday full of love and light.