Daily Archives: July 19, 2013


In the 1980’s the only colors we wore were neon, we watched General Hospital after school, sweated with Richard Simmons, and of course we wore Guess Jeans. It is so surreal to be able to take classes at Slimmons with Richard Simmons. Yesterday I went to another class, and it was fabulous. I invited a friend to come and share in the retro style aerobics class with me, but unfortunately she was held up and never made it to class. Of course I wore my signature pig tails, which tend to be a conversation starter.

I started talking to this lovely girl with a Guess headband on, and her name is Amber and she works at Guess in the Marketing department.  We got to discussing how we heard about the class etc. She and her whole marketing team from Guess came together. They were all so friendly and enthusiastic about taking Mr Simmons class.  I told her a little about myself, how I became hooked on his classes and of course I told her all about My Change For A Ten project. I also told her how I loved to wear Guess in the 1980’s.

She was so welcoming, and told me for the night I was to be an honorary Guess team member. She even gave me a read headband with the Guess logo. Now, in the 80’s Guess was all the rage. I was Guess obsessed if I do say so myself. So the retro headband was perfect and totally fitting for a Richard Simmons class, where everyone comes decked out in their best 1980’s inspired aerobic gear.

I introduced Amber and her team to Geri aka Gigi, or Grandma Gorgeous as she is known, and gorgeous at  the young age of 91 she is. She also got a red Guess headband and was one of the team for the evening. You should see Gigi dance, she is such an inspiration and a total sweetheart. 

The class started, and Richard was decked out in black with a long black wig. He played Korean pop music for the class, and it was a crowded one. I guess, hehe, that coming to his classes has become trendy. I love it. The aerobics was super energetic and fun but I must say Richard kicked my but during the mat workout. Hold planks on our elbows? Let’s just say Mr Simmons does not let leave without a proper workout. 

The class ended with Birthdays and Richard wished some of the members Happy Birthday, and he gave another inspirational talk. I am hooked through and through. I work out, sweat, laugh, cry, and I experience every emotion in between. It will be a once a week event for me, I am now a regular at Richard Simmons Slimmons class, and I love it. 

I walked over one mile home too. Boom!!