Good day to all. I am on my week four of weightwatchersonline and I lost another pound, total of 8 lbs in one month. I love doing the points system, it takes the fear and guilt out of food and the ww app is a life saver for me. I have said it before, with a history of eating disorders this app helps me to regulate my food and not skip meals altogether. I actually eat more when I do weight watchers. It is amazing and I plan to continue it to my weight loss goal of  around 135 lbs. I am currently 168 lbs. I was over 210 at one point and I am just 3 lbs from what was my lowest weight before my crazy move. I got this and I look forward to becoming strong and fit to tackle my fitness bucket list. I welcome phase two of my journey.

Today is day two for month one of my Melissa Bender Workouts, I am doing the 12 week Bikini Prep workouts, tailored on my timing. I am doing them on my patio, since I hate working out indoors. I am lucky to live in California where the climate allows me to workout outside practically always. I love the breeze as I workout. I learn the exercises ahead of time by watching the video a few times. Then I have photos of the break downs, and I work along to music. I admit I am sore today, but that makes me very happy. It is the best kind of sore. I also have an old injury on my right foot so I am extra careful, and today I am wearing a brace for extra support. When I run I go at a comfortable pace for me, and I just keep going. I am all about the distance and not about speed.

I feel amazing today, and no matter what comes my way I feel like I can move forward with my goals. One day at a time.

Much love and Light



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