Good Morning and Happy Weekend to all. Today is Weigh In Saturday. I stayed the same weight, I am still 170 lbs. Not sure why or how but it is what it is and I just  have to move forward. A lot of things can effect weight loss fluctuations. I was reading about it today on webmd. If you drink water before weighing in it could cause a rise in the scale. Doing the opposite and trying  not to drink water also causes water retention. It is a fine balance of just doing what is healthy and standing on the scale once a week and them moving on.

My workout Thursday with my trainer Mike was great, again I did not eat enough but I soldiered through. We did the TRX and the machines and some walking and running. My core is getting so strong, and we worked on my push ups. I am so proud that I can do girl push ups now. I am not quite there yet with the boy push ups, but I will be in the not so distant future. I am very grateful to Mike as always for the support and expertise. He is a very good teacher. I am a bit sore today, but nothing that has me down for the count. 

I did eat out on Friday, I ate the healthiest thing possible but I did not take into count the sodium levels. After I ate my grilled asparagus I realized how salty it was. So that may had something to do with my weight staying the same.

One thing though, I can now suck my stomach in and see my ribs. That is huge. I know I am making progress and like I said a while ago I am going to try to focus on my fitness more and less emphasis on the scale. With that said, I still think it is important to weigh in weekly. I will not beat myself up about it though. I am making strides and I am very proud of how far I have come. I am still three pounds from my next charity so it gives me time to do the leg work.

Off for now. I am brewing coffee and making my healthy breakfast.
A shout out to my best friend Melissa Bender @ melissabenderfitness. Happy Happy Birthday to you. 

Love and Light

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