beauty surrounds us

I decided to skip weighing in weekly, and do so every few weeks. Today, after a week of being painfully female and maybe holding on to a bit of water weight, I can safely say my weight is holding steady at 167 lbs. No loss, no gain, no tears I am happy. I am happy but not content and I know where I am going, it is just going to take me some time to get there.

A new week, I am going to up my cardio. My toe was injured, and it was kind of getting in my way. I wrapped it because I thought I should, and I think I made it worse. I know I still need to have it seen, but since I stopped wrapping it I am in less pain. Time to up my running.

Coffee time, and then we are heading to the beaches. My husband James and I are off a few days, which creates food challenges because he wants to try fun summer foods and well I am trying to be good. There is nothing like sleeping in and waking up to the best faces on the planet, Spanky and Rascal.

So, it is a wrap for this week. 167 lbs. Book drive still in full force, and I am getting more books next week. I am looking into my next ten pound charity and getting ideas. 

Happy Weekend to all.

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