I began my fitness journey in 2013 with the desire to get back into my dancers body. I am still in progress today in 2017 but I had so much help along the way. 

I owe a big thanks to Mike my friend and trainer for the first year of my fitness journey. We hit a lot of fitness milestones together, and he introduced me to fitness in the beauty of the outdoors of California as well as helped me with my charities. I often forgot I was exercising and I felt like a kid playing outside. I remember planking and as I struggled to hold my plank a dog came over to lick my face. In the beginning dirt freaked me out, and by the last days of our training sessions ( before my move to San Francisco) I would just laugh as I was covered in dirt,

We ran and walked to warm up, and we really focused on TRX training, which I absolutely love. Kettle bells, weights, body weight exercises and stretches. I changed my body in that first year, 

I learned so much about fitness, and now I take what I have learned to continue on in my fitness journey. 


I learned so much, and I am grateful to Mike for his time and expertise. I now call outdoor exercise mobile meditation. It was exercise and therapy all in the beauty of the parks of California. Dreams cannot come into fruition without the beauty of friendship.