Good Day to all. I am so sore from my first two days of training with Melissa Bender Fitness. You can find her workouts at I have so much going on, but I realized I have goals and I need to get there. So I decided to tailor her workout schedule to my schedule, and this is week one. Here is today’s breakdown of my Wednesday workout. I have lost 8 lbs in the last four weeks and I am definitely on the road to goal. As soon as I get to 165 lbs I am picking a new charity and plan to get to 155. I am not slowing down no matter what comes my way. Here is my workout I am doing today. I am also running and walking for cardio. I have a 5K in September and I plan another run over the Golden Gate Bridge here in San Francisco.

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I am breaking her schedule down, so this will look a little different since I am tailoring the first month of the 12 week program for my Monday-Friday Schedule with days off falling on the weekend. I am currently on day three and I am so sore. I am about to do my workout as soon as I have a little coffee to get going. My day off will be Saturday and that is perfect because James and I are spending the day in the city. We are having Brunch on Hornblower’s Cruise in San Francisco. It should be an amazing experience and perfect timing with my day off. 

I hope you are chasing your goals and that you know how fabulous you are.

Love and Light



This is my week one August 3-9th.

Day 1: Monday Full Body Fitness Makeover done

Day 2: TuesdayFull Body Shaping Home Workout done

Day 3: Wedensday Fit Test and Fitness Transformation Workout 1 today

Day 4:Thursday  Lower Body Fat Blaster

Day 5: FridayTummy Toning Fat Burn

Day 6: Saturday OFF

Day 7: Fitness Transformation: Workout 2 and Booty Bump Workout


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