I am so late posting, I have had a relaxing day at home but I definitely got my workout in. I went for a walk/run and I have to admit it was cold outside today. My diet is going strong and I am so happy I lost the two pounds of water weight.

I have a dilemma, not a bad one but a dilemma just the same. I have been invited to a party in Beverly Hills by my regular guests at Seasons 52. It is Monday night, a holiday party with a performance by a Prima ballerina and her partner. I would love to attend but after losing 30 pounds, I literally have nothing to wear and not sure I will be able to find the time to go shopping by Monday. I have to buy an outfit for my birthday in two weeks and not sure I feel like rushing tomorrow to find something for Monday. Plus I really want to go to yoga and stay on track. Up until now I have only been purchasing workout and work clothes, knowing my body is changing and I am losing weight it does not make sense to buy a new wardrobe.

This party would be amazing, I meditated on it and I think I am going to pass. I do not need the distraction of food and missing a workout and yoga. I am so honored that I was invited and I truly love the ladies who asked me to go but I must stay on schedule.

On another note, I will post my 20lb charity soon. I am just waiting for confirmation from the organization. It is the perfect idea for the season of joy.

Wishing you sweet dreams.


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