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This month is my two-year anniversary of this blog, and I feel I have been a success with losing and keeping off over 50 lbs yet I also feel I have only scratched the surface. I have a lot of goals and projects in the works as I type this. My plan is to take everything to another level, but I admit moving nine months ago from LA to the San Francisco Bay Area shook up my world and my plans.

With a blog comes a sense of transparency, yet I have kept some of my issues and worries to myself and have not been public with a lot of the things that have been bothering me.  I have chosen to stay silent with the negative aspects of my life. We all have things happen to us, that is life. It is how we choose to deal with these events that shows our true character and spirit.

We moved, and with a big move you would expect there to be unpacking, and that knowing feeling that there is a permanency with the move. Hanging the photos and getting excited about your new home and space. Well around February we found out that our landlord was selling our condo we rent, the condo we moved into with hopes of starting over. All of a sudden home was not a home, and there was that fear that we would have to move again. In hindsight, I almost wished we would have picked another place to live. Realtors, showings, the uncertainty of our living future took over our day to day life. 

It seems the unit was sold to an investor, and it is looking like we can stay yet I do not hold my breath. I am, however going to try to move forward and let the whole situation be. Like they say, whatever will be, will be. With that thought process I have decided I would like to turn my patio into a yoga space. I am looking for ideas and I plan to make it a place where I can practice at home, as well as spend time reading or drinking coffee. It has been nine months and I am ready to make a home.


We have not decided yet if living in the San Francisco Bay Area is for us in the long run, but for now I plan to make the best of it. Exploring all of the majestic beauty this part of California has to offer. Life is short and I refuse to let problems define me or my goals. Time to shine with the NorCal sun.