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bfGood Morning to all. I cannot believe it is August already. I have so much going on, a book coming out and events for my book, and some upcoming transitions are possibly going to take place. Let’s just say I am used to transitions, and I welcome them. I have lived in so many places,seen so many wonderful things and met some amazing people. I admit to slacking off on my training, stress took over. A month ago I joined weightwatchersonline, and it has been a game changer since I finally broke my long standing plateau. I lose 7 lbs in two weeks. The Third week I weighed the same and tomorrow is weigh in week four. I am currently 169 lbs, up 4 lbs from my lowest weight. I felt a slip in scale when I was away for a long weekend in Monterey CA, but I quickly caught the gain and now I have just four pounds to go to be where I was at 165. Then I am picking a charity to get to 155 lbs. I think that is why it is so important to be diligent and check your weight at least every few weeks, slip ups can be sneaky and before you know it you have gained all of your weight back. That will never happen to me, I love my lifestyle and my new life and I am ready to tackle the second phase and become stronger and fitter than I have ever been in a long time.

When I started this blog I had a trainer which was very helpful and I am grateful for that. Now I have Melissa Bender Fitness. She is not only my best friend but my trainer from afar and my inspiration to keep going. She asked me to be her Fitness Ambassador last spring and now I am ready to be the best fitness ambassador ever. Starting today I am doing week one of her Three Month Bikini Preperation workouts she did for her bikini competition training. May I add she came home with a few awards. I am tailoring the three month workouts to be on my schedule, Monday-Friday and adding one over the weekend as well. I am spending a lot of time planning, watching the videos so I know what I am doing. I use my handy iphone to take photos of the workout breakdowns and I downloaded a timer app on my phone so I can do them in real time without watching the videos. I plan to do them at home and at the park. I also am going to be more timely with my posts, and do daily updates on here. I know the first week will be the hardest, but I got this. check her out at www.benderfitness.com


Along with my workouts I am running and walking. I am training for the Rock and Roll 5K in San Jose with my team from work, my new Manager has run over 29 Marathons, I told him he is not of this world. I hope to have one marathon under my belt someday. I have a lot of people inspiring me to run more. My Manager, Melissa Bender, and my friend Harry who is going to be running with me this week to prep for my Golden Gate Bridge run. I am excited for it all. I have a new playlist and a new anti-stress attitude. No matter what comes my way, I will not stop til I get to my goals.

Happy Monday to all.




Rose Bruno Bailey Fitness Ambassador for Melissa Bender Fitness

What it means to me to be a fitness ambassador for Melissa Bender Fitness

I began my project to sponsor a charity with each ten pounds back in 2013, and I am proud to say I have lost 50 pounds. I had the help of an amazing trainer in LA named Mike, and he gave me the keys to fitness and opened so many doors for me. At present, I am far from done — yet I still consider myself to be a success, or, well, a success in progress. Not quite an after, but so much better than before.

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” — Lewis Carroll

Rose Bruno Bailey Weight Loss

Now I find myself navigating a new city, and making my goals happen here in the San Francisco area. Melissa Bender Fitness asked me to be her first fitness ambassador and of course I said yes. She is such an inspiration and has guided so many people with her amazing workouts online. She has shown it can be done at home and has been very successful helping others reach their goals. She is a nurturing human being, and to me that is a prerequisite to helping people learn fitness; and she is a perfect fit for me as I continue to blog about the weight loss/fitness/philanthropic journey I am on.

Here is what it means to me to be a fitness ambassador for Melissa Bender Fitness.

1. It means I am dedicated, but I am not perfect. I have come a long way already when Melissa asked me to represent her as her fitness ambassador. I have lost 50 lbs and did it while helping charities with each ten pound weight loss. I now do her workouts daily, and I have recently begun AM workouts. I run/walk and I do yoga. I am a former dancer and I have always been in tune with my body; I was just on a little hiatus. If I stumble I catch myself before I fall. It does not mean I have a perfect body, but I am striving to be in the best shape for me. I still have a ways to go and my goal is to lose 35 more pounds. Melissa Bender Fitness home workouts are a lifeline for me and my new schedule in my new city.

2. It does not mean I have the best workout clothes and shoes. To be honest I own one pair of running shoes, but those shoes lace up and get me to where I need to go. One is enough for me for now.  As long as I have my music, my computer, and my sunny outlook I am raring to go. I have never even tried on a pair of Lululemon. I am sure they are amazing, but I am yet to find out. One day maybe.

3. It means even though I have injuries, I keep moving forward. Maybe this is not the right way, and maybe my progress has been slowed a little with my injured toe, but I have never stopped nor will I ever give up.

4. It means I practice what I preach. I really eat clean and I drink a lot of water, and strive to treat my body as my temple. Melissa Bender Fitness reminds me to eat more, in that regard I struggle. When I eat out I make healthy choices that do not derail my lifestyle. That is the key, this is my lifestyle and not a fad diet.  I believe fitness includes achieving a mind and body connection. I call outdoor exercise mobile meditation. Helping others through my charities gives me so much more back then I give. I blog about the ways I believe one can find calm within the chaos. I am all about the mind/body/spirit connection.

5. I do not play the comparison game. I am in competition with the me from yesterday and that is it. My weight loss may be slow because I am not as young as I once was, so I have learned to practice the two Ps, namely Perseverance and Patience. Time passes anyway, and I soon will get to where I am heading. I am in no rush nor will I succumb to the pressure of a time limit. This is for life.

6. I try to silence my inner dialogue of body bashing. I also have decided not to be a slave to the scale, and not obsess as much as I used to. This is probably the hardest accomplishment and I still struggle with self-shaming. We can be our biggest fans or our worse enemies. I strive to be my biggest fan but I am human.

7. I  try new things and I live ageless, fearless, and full of enthusiasm for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. I shared Melissa Bender Fitness workouts before and I do now, because I believe everyone can benefit from her help. I am sincere and I am one of her biggest fans.

8. I have a fitness bucket list I am working on, and it may take time but I will make my dreams a reality. As long as I am breathing I have the opportunity to begin anew.

9. I do the exercises and modify those I cannot do due to injuries. For example, I have an injured toe so plank jumps are difficult so I just do a normal plank. I have a very strong core and I once planked in LA for over five minutes, and I beat my trainer Mike once. I know my weaknesses and I work on them. I may not be able to master every exercise, but I always try my best.

In essence I am the best me possible, and even though I may trip from time to time, I stand up and dust of the dirt and keep moving in the direction of my destination and I enjoy the ride.

A body in motion stays in motion, and a body at rest stays at rest. That is Newton’s Law. Keep it moving.

Love and Light


Good Morning, a quick post today. It is almost the weekend, and I cannot wait. Tonight is my weekly workout with Mike, and the weather is back to being warm which is great.

Yesterday my husband James was at the Dodgers game, so I brought home a healthy salad for myself since he was out. I ended up eating two of the garlic knots he had on hand. I was so guilty afterwards, almost too much and it made me realize I am not ready mentally for a cheat day. I need to keep my momentum going.

I went to the gap to buy work pants, and these pants I tried on were a little skinnier than I usually wear. There were three lovely ladies from Europe in the dressing room, and when I went to look for the salespersons opinion they made their own opinion known. They told me they looked great, and I should buy them. One thing about losing weight, when shopping you need an outside opinion because your brain is still fat bashing. It is hard to look objectively at yourself.

Off to drink my coffee. Wishing everyone love and light on this Warrior Wednesday. Sorry, I do a lot of yoga these days. 


Good Morning to all. I am so sleepy today, and I am so happy it is Wednesday. The weekend is almost here, we are almost over the hump. My little rascals were in rare form this morning, so my sleep was really compromised last night. I had to lock both cats out of the room, but of course Spanky howls loud and I had to let him back in. I adore my cats but they really love to mess with our sleep. I think they think we are their  personal play things.

Yesterday I did a new workout with Mike my trainer and friend. He had these cords you put on a tree and then you use the resistance of your own body weight.I love working out in the park, I get the fresh breeze on my face and I am surrounded by trees.  The workout was really challenging which is good, I can see this new feature to my workout is going to really work. My body is really changing and I am so happy and grateful. I am stronger, fitter and I weigh less. I cannot weight to see my weight get in the 170’s. I am so close. 

I got to meet Mike’s lovely girlfriend Maria and three precious dogs. I love dogs, we just have cats since it is a bit more convenient for us. Cats are a handful but they do not need walking. One day we will get a dog too. I would take in all animals if I could. I think it may be time I visit the animal shelter again.

Tonight is my weekly yoga class over at Pink Iron with Nicole. I love her Nicole and her class. It is not until 7:00 so it gives me time after work to figure out dinner and relax a little. I am off for now, I am so sleepy I can hardly function. Coffee, yes coffee is definitely needed today and not just for the taste. Today I need that bolt of energy from caffeine.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday.
Love and Light always,


Good Morning Tuesday. I just weighed myself and I lost two pounds bringing my total weight loss to 9 pounds and my weight is now officially 188 lbs. I am so excited, last November I actually weighed 207 lbs, so I have lost 9 pounds since I began my My Change For A Ten Project but since last November I have lost a total of 19 pounds. I am almost at my first ten pound My Change For A Ten goal, and then I will set the date to feed the homeless with The Monday Night Mission. I am really proud I am sticking to whatever I say I will do. This is just the beginning for me to change my life and to help make a difference in the lives of others. I am reaching for the moon.

Here is a photo of me and my wonderful friend Amy this weekend, we were out with our husbands at Barney’s Beanery in West Hollywood CA.  I will have more full body shots when I return to Richard Simmons this week, he was out of town but I believe he is back Thursday. I went out and I was disciplined. I ate extremely healthy, a turkey sandwich on whole grain with Dijon mustard, avocado, lettuce and tomato and steamed vegetables. I also had a cup of bean chili with no meat.  I believe you can eat healthy almost anywhere. I drank Perrier and tons of water since I do not drink, which helps me save on calories.

Tonight is my workout with Mike, and I am really learning so much. I am also learning how much food my body needs to sustain my workouts, walking, and yoga. So I will be sure to eat enough from here on out. The whey protein shakes help me fill in the blanks when I do not have time to sit down to a meal. I have also been watching my sodium intake. It really makes a big difference. At work I have been ordering my chicken plain with no marinade and no dressing, and I use oil and vinegar. Little changes add up for big results. I buy tuna and peanut butter with no added salt, and I try to eat as clean as possible without obsessing or depriving myself. I am achieving mind and body balance.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

― Mark Twain

I wish everyone a terrific Tuesday.