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Hello to all. I am out of town for a weekend getaway in Phoenix, Arizona. I wanted to touch base on a subject that is hard for me to face since I have been overweight, fashion. I feel wonderful that I am slowly achieving my weight loss and fitness goals but I admit shopping for clothes has been a daunting task. You are no longer as overweight as you were but still a long way off to your goal. Not knowing which fashions will look good on your transitioning physique is problematic when you have an event you must shop for. I am not at the point where I feel I can make fashion risks so I play it safe with jeans and summer dresses. I normally live in work out clothes but there comes a time when you have to wear more than yoga apparel and look a little more refined. Sometimes I wish I could have a stylist when I get to my goal weight to help me reveal my new figure with fashion.

I purchased two new summer dresses for my weekend in the valley of the sun. One I wore, the other I never had the chance to wear since we spent so much time swimming. I did decide to buy the white dress when a kind stranger in the dressing room said it was beautiful on me. I could not see that myself because my mind is still over 200 lbs. An extra eye when shopping is necessary when trying on clothes after weight loss. Sometimes are own vision of our reflection is distorted with a memories of how we used to feel and look when we were overweight. Time to make over our body image as well as our wardrobe. I am a work in progress always.


Happy Labor Day to all. I had to work a few hours today and I slept in too late too be able to post this morning, so this post is a bit late. I am really excited for my weigh in tomorrow, I am really starting to see the results and I know I have this. After work I went over to Lorna Jane, I love their workout clothes. They are just my style and as a reward to myself I am going to buy myself a hot pink workout outfit when I hit around 15 pounds. Their sizes seem to run a little small, and I think I am almost at the point when I can wear their large comfortably. 

Every time I go in Lorna Jane in Century City California Jessie greets me with a sincere smile and she always remembers who I am. She has been following my blog as well. I am a big fan of their colorful workout clothes and they are also reasonably priced, so that is an added bonus. I am drawn to the hot pink, turquoise, and neon orange. You can find them at their Facebook page. If you stop in the Century City CA location be sure to say hi to Jessie, she is truly genuine and will assist you with your needs for working out.  We snapped a few photos today, and next time it will be me in their workout clothes. Inspiration from colorful workout gear and the lovely ladies that work at Lorna Jane. 


With Jessie from Lorna Jane Century City CA
Love their workout clothes and colors
Getting the blue and pink in a few weeks