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Before and Now, and I am not stopping even when in a bad mood

Hello to all. I have been working really hard, and this weeks workouts with my trainer with Mike are no exception. I am running again, my toe is healing and it feels good to be picking up the pace. Mike has changed some things up for me, since I am getting stronger. I admit to being slightly sluggish though, this week for some reason feels extra emotional for me. I cannot grasp exactly why, but I feel a bit out of sorts.

Nothing I cannot face, a little time to myself and a little upbeat music should do the trick. I do not wallow in my woes for long, and I always find the light at the end of the tunnel.
Off for now, tomorrow comes all too soon and I am in dire need of sleep. 

A little something I wrote this past weekend, to remind me to count my blessings.

Lessons in Joy

I love life, every blade of grass, every kiss from the whispering wind.  I rarely wallow in my own woes and I try to go through my days with a reverance for nature and living. I try to wear a smile for myself and share it with others;  but I admit to sometimes being painfully human. You know those days, when you tend to spend too much time in self pity and not enough time on self acceptance. I am no different from others, even though those bad days are few and far between for me, I do sometimes succumb to them. The dreaded bad day sometimes clouds your judgement to what is truly important in the scheme of life.
I am an emotional creature, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am much more complex than I come across on the outside. My husband James knows me completely, and has seen my mood transition from jovial to melancholic in seconds. Usually when this happens I am people watching, it is both a curse and a blessing to notice everything around me. My good friend told me I am an empath, someone who feels the energy of others. That makes complete sense to me, because I often feel to the point of emotional exhaustion.
Sometimes in life you bear witness to a moment in time that humbles you completely. My husband and I recently took a road trip to  Las Vegas and we were hungry so we stopped at a fast food restaurant in Victorville CA. I was hemming and hawing about the lack of healthy choices when my eyes caught a homeless man sitting outside the restaurant. Living in Los Angeles homelessness is not a surprise to me, but seeing someone in that predicament out in a small town like Victorville was. I am very empathetic towards all walks of life, and I believe deep down to my core I am no different from the man sitting on the sidewalk. We are all one, connected by our very own humanity.
We made our way inside and before I could offer to buy him a meal the man came inside and ordered. I will never forget his smile as he walked to a table to eat his dinner, that luminescent ear to ear smile that brought me to tears. Here he was having a simple burger and fries and here we were on our way for a weekend get-a-way in Las Vegas, but you would have thought by the pure joy on his face he was dining at the most exclusive restaurant.  Such delight from such a meager moment most of us take for granted.  A hot meal should not be a privilege but a right for all, but unfortunately that is not always the case. That blissful grin on his face will haunt me every time I forget to count my own blessings. Pure and utter happiness found in the middle of nowhere at a burger joint. A lesson I am always willing to revisit.
It is Sunday evening, and tomorrow it is back to work. My cats are slumbering close by, and all is well with my world.  Life is not perfect, it can be messy and unpredictable but it is a gift just the same. To wake up with the sun each and every morning, to have air in my lungs and love in my heart.  To have the opportunity to brew coffee and reflect on the beauty of being alive, to share my gifts with those who need it most. I do not wish for much, but I wish for it all. 
Love and Light

Love and Light to all.


Good Morning to all and Happy Earth Day. I love nature more than ever since moving to southern California. There is nothing like a being amongst the trees and feeling a tepid breeze kiss your cheek. The ocean, the sand, the wind and the sound of the waves. I am completely in awe of nature and so grateful to have the opportunity to work out in the outdoors verses always being in a gym atmosphere. It makes me feel at one with the earth, at peace. I call it mobile meditation. Do not get me wrong, I love going to the gym but this is completely different and you tap into your mind and body and feed your soul as you are working out your body.

Tonight is my workout with my trainer Mike. I am completely grateful to him for introducing a whole new world to me. When I started this project my intention was to help charities as I lost weight, and I assumed I would get there by a little speed walking and dieting. Never in my wildest dreams did I assume I would do a 10K and plan the fitness goals I have on my bucket list. If you told me I would be doing burpees and pushups I would have told you that you are crazy. 

My other fitness motivator is Melissa Bender Fitness. has not only been a best friend but a huge inspiration to me and the masses. I am lucky to have such a fitness support network guiding me as I do whatever I tell this body I can do. A shout out to Mr. Richard Simmons as well, it is time I make a visit to his classes again. 

I am at awe of my friends old and new, and so grateful for the inspiration they grant me on a daily basis. I am overflowing with gratitude for all that have touched my life in one capacity or another.

You never know who you may turn out to be, and life sometimes takes turns in directions you never dreamed of going.
Happy Earth Day
Love and Light to all


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step 
       – Lao Tse

Good Morning, Happy Monday to all.
Here are some photos I took when I go walking outside. I walk for an hour through West Hollywood and Beverly Hills when I do not do the treadmill at home or at the gym. Now I am also incorporating a little bit if running at the Beverly Hills Park. I hope to do some sort of 5k in the future, of course mostly walking but I am working on being a beginner runner as well. Nature is the best accompaniment and I love the trees here in California.

Of course I have such a beautiful place to walk, and I soak in every sight and splendor as I work out. Note the tree doing a back bend, it took my breath away. When I am farther in my yoga practice I will be as limber as that tree, the tree is a sign to continue on and never give up. Stand strong, stand tall and persevere.


On Tuesday’s I weigh in, and I work out with Mike my trainer and friend. I lost two more pounds this week bringing my total to 190 LBS. This made me so happy, I have been really working hard and sticking to everything I say I will do, and to see the scale go down seven pounds is such a wonderful reward. I know I have a long way to go but to know this is all working motivates me even more. I am almost to the ten pound mark, and a few weeks after I lose the first ten is when I will be volunteering with The Monday Night Mission. Of course all the time I will be working on my twenty pound loss, this is a lifestyle change and I choose to make being healthy and fit a part of my life.

My workout with Mike at the park was wonderful, I can see and feel I am stronger than I was when we began a little over a month ago. Some of the exercises are not as awkward as they once were, and my strength and balance are improving.  I can feel my once dancer’s flexibility coming back, which made me elated. He truly is a great trainer/teacher and I am grateful to him for the time he puts in. I know I am a work in progress but it is all starting to feel quite natural to me. Tuesdays are the day I measure my true progress.

We did something I would have never dreamed of doing, he brought boxing gloves and I practiced punching the targets he wore on this hands and  then he had me alternate arms and do all these boxing moves. It was fun, of course I hit like a girl but I got better and I will get better. I do have this competitive side with myself and I do not give up. We plan on doing it again, it was fun and I can totally feel the effects on my body this morning. I am sore but it a good way. The jogging felt easier for me, especially when I discovered to try to stay on the heals of my feet and not on the ball of my feet. I tend to naturally do everything on my toes.  

Today after work is my one hour walk and my yoga practice. I love the way yoga makes me feel, totally zen inside and out. If I could find a way to practice five days a week I would, it truly makes me feel peaceful inside. I wish all of you love and light and a beautiful Wednesday. full of peace and joy.