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Moving is full speed ahead, as soon as we are able to secure an apartment. This is very difficult from afar since we are both still working our present jobs. A lot of stress and it is easy to fall of the wagon. Yesterday I decided I would find time to work harder than ever, to keep my momentum going despite of the stress. I will be on my own in the city by the bay, without the security of having my trainer Mike push we twice a week. I need to reset my goals and plan for what is to come in a new city. Mike will still be helping me with my fitness bucket list and I know he will help me from afar as much as he can.  My husband James said Mike gave me the keys to fitness, now it is up to me to open new doors in my new city.

I took a Body Pump Class yesterday, I think it will be perfect to help me transition in San Francisco. I am working out and pushing myself, and downloading brand new music to get me moving to a new upbeat tune. I ran into my dear friends at 24 Hour Fitness in West Hollywood, and was so grateful we could capture a photo. 

James wanted Chinese, and what’s a girl to do? Steamed chicken, vegetables and brown rice, and I only ate half a portion with some fruit. I have a piece of dark chocolate for later, after I work out. It is so important now more than ever that I stick to my healthy lifestyle.
Off for today, we need to start going through our belongings and purging and donating what we do not need.
Love and Light to all

Steamed brown rice, veggies, and chicken with no sauce. 

I love Peter and Agatha, They swim daily

ALMOST ONE YEAR GRATITUDE ( introducing my trainer for one year Mike)

It is Friday the 13th, and I cannot believe it is June already. In one month it will be the one year anniversary of this project and blog. I feel I have accomplished so much, and I have come so far but I did not do this alone. I am very grateful to the wonderful new friends and all the support I have as I continue on my journey. It may have almost been a year, but for me it has only just begun.

I began this thinking I would speed walk, diet, and then return to dance classes and at the same time assisting various charities. I never dreamed of the things my body could do, or would do, or would even endeavor to do.  I never knew what this body of mine was capable of. I am now 40 lbs down, but I have gained fitness knowledge, strength, and endurance. I did a 10K,A Richard Simmons Video, and I am conquering my fitness/adventure bucket list. I can plank for 3 minutes, do burpees and push- ups and more. I feel ageless, invincible, fit, strong, and free. I am reaching for the clouds.

I have to give a huge thank you to my friend and Trainer Mike who has taught me so much about fitness, and guided my way. He is more like a teacher and a coach than a trainer to me, and I am so thankful for this last year of working out with him, and more to come. He is one of my fitness inspirations, he is doing a triathlon in Malibu in September. At first he asked me to do it as well, it is amazing when you have someone training you that totally believes in your ability to conquer even the biggest goals. We work out twice a week at the park,  I call it Mobile Meditation because you work out side by side with the trees, the clouds overhead, and a refreshing breeze that makes it all worth while. There are dogs everywhere and I admit to giving in to the cute canine distractions as I plank and a cute dog licks my face. I have taken many breaks because of the friendly dogs.

Now the workouts are getting harder, and Mike is pushing me. He knows how to strike the best balance between pushing someone and holding back so they do not get injured. It is an honor to have him in my corner as I continue on my journey. Anyone who trains with Mike is very lucky. His expertise, kindness, and motivation have truly helped me to get to where I am today. 
The journey continues, the destination a little elusive but I am chasing down my dreams and never too proud to say thank you to those who have guided my steps.

MIke, trainer and friend

TRX using a tree

Just a sampling of equipment I have to conquer

Mrs Jones, a local favorite and friend of ours at the park

One regret is I never took the time to do my measurements and fat caliber, and the gym does it for free. Better late than never, I am going to get it done asap and go from there. I know I have lost inches, and since I want to lose 40 more lbs it is definitely not to late to have this done.

Off for my day. I am doing my book drive and tomorrow taking a few hours of my time to go read to the children at a local elementary school for Reading To Kids. Life is beautiful, embrace it. There is inspiration everywhere, you just have to open your eyes and look.
Love and Light


Make like a tree, reach for the sky. I am inspired to do more than I have done before, and in my own opinion what I have done so far is never enough. So I look to my beloved trees, limbs stretching towards the heavens and beyond. The sky is the limit, and I am reaching for it. Every new day is a new beginning to reach higher.

Good Morning to all and Happy Wednesday. They call it hump day because it is the middle of the week, the day to get you on the path to the weekend.  Yesterday Mike and I went to Pan Pacific Park in LA and it is a beautiful large park and a lovely change of scenery. It has all kinds of hills which we are incorporating into my workout routine. Today I am a little sore, we did a lot more cardio than usual, since my 10K I have been having issues with my toe and foot and I have been afraid to injure it further.  Mike has been an invaluable help in my quest for fitness. My push ups are almost there, and I am so proud of my progress. Sometimes it seems slow and I but then something opens up and I realize I have come a long way, especially for someone of my age but to me I can do anything I set my mind and heart to, the sky is the limit.

I met a wonderful person yesterday. I frequent a place that makes healthy protein shakes and they always recognize me. I got to talking with the man who works there, and he asked how my workouts were going. I told him they are great but I am trying to work through a toe injury and Plantars Fasciitis. He happened to of worked in Orthotics and came around to draw a foot diagram for me and explain what is happening with my foot and toes. It made so much more sense to me.  He explained to me that although I look very young my feet have had a lot of years of wear and tear. He encouraged me to continue to wrap it and purchase the correct shoes. I really appreciate the time and kindness he gave me and I feel like I can work through this, but I will see a Dr. as well to make sure I am in tip top shape. 

Tonight is my second workout with Mike, back at the park we always go to. I am determined to pick up the pace, the stamina feels a bit compromised in the last few weeks since I have been babying my toes. Off for now. Happy Wednesday to all.

Love and Light,


Happy Wednesday to all. I just read a quote from Dr Wayne Dyer, “One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” I totally agree. I believe you can manifest the mood and direction of your day. I try to live by this and begin my day on a bright note. I have many reasons to be happy, and one of them is the opportunity to change my form, change my attitude, and change my life. I am honored I can assist charities along my journey. It is taking me forever to break my plateau but my book drive is still on for Reading to Kids when I finally lose another ten pounds. It will happen, and I am in a positive frame of mind. The little things, like my ThinkThin bar and coffee make me smile.

Yesterday was my first workout with my Trainer Mike in a week. I took off a few days of exercise to recuperate my muscles after my accidental 10K. I was sore and needed to rest, plus I was out of town. My workouts with Mike are awesome but always challenging, and yesterday I felt a little fatigued from lack of sleep and of course taking time off made everything seem more difficult. We did some new things, I lifted a sand bag and that was not easy. Running is on hold for a few weeks until my slight injuries heal, we do not want to take any chances. My girl push ups are great now, and I am also getting better at squats and the TRX exercises. I am definitely much stronger than I was late July of 2013. I am incredibly proud of myself, and thankful to Mike. I also have a lot of work to go, and I am far from done. I have a lot of fitness milestones to accomplish and my fitness bucket list to do. For the month of April I did the accidental 10K, so now I need to pick something for May. 

Off to get ready for work, than another workout with Mike later this evening. I will be sore tomorrow, it has not caught up to me yet. Love and Light to all. Think beautiful thoughts and have a beautiful day and do not forget to smile at a stranger today.



Good Morning to all and a very Happy Friday. Today my friend and I at work bring in little surprises to kick off the weekend. We call it Surprise Friday. He usually brings me in something a little decadent and I portion it out over the weekend and share it with James. Tomorrow is weigh in and I am in my sixth day of my gluten free experiment and I will see how it reflects on the scale Saturday morning. I met someone at Trader Joe’s last night, and he was explaining to me all about gluten free and the many products that are now available. It was inspiring to listen to him and learn. I got the best compliment from one of the regular staff, he said I look like I am glowing. It is nice to get progress compliments, it keeps me going.

Yesterday was my Thursday workout with Mike my trainer. It really packed a punch and was a lot of fun. We did a circuit. First I had to use these long ropes and work my arms, and then we did some boxing, and then planking and push ups and then I had to run and do it over again in a fast manner. The boxing took a little instruction, and I now have my own pink boxing gloves. I kind of hit like a girl, but my kick packs more of a punch. It was fun, and it is interesting how it reminds me of choreography although it is a lot harder and more awkward to master. We are going to be boxing every other week I think, and you can feel the full body workout this gives, plus you can beat out your frustrations and worries on the punching bag. 

Working out in the park is like childhood play in a way, there are dogs everywhere and of course they love to come up and visit us. This little white one is such a lover, he kisses me on the face every week. His owner told us he is to be in a movie soon. I adore animals so I am right in my element. We were working out and the funniest thing happened out of the blue. Mike tells me he tore his pants from behind, and not a little tear but all the way down. It was hysterical and he mentioned he thought he was getting a bit of a draft back there. He ran to his car and changed and was no worse for wear, and he was not embarrassed in the least. It reminded me of a lesson in life my sister Dona told me. There is no embarrassment unless you let yourself feel embarrassed. I have worked out that one for years.  

Now every time I fall flat on my face in public I stand up, shake myself off and walk in a confident manner with no thought of what people think. We have control over our emotions, negative and positive. I have had some major embarrassing moments in my life. I went on a date with this guy once. He picked me up in his brand new Mercedes. He took me to the state fair and fed me cotton candy and we rode all of the rides. On the way home you can imagine how cotton candy and twirly rides affected me. I got sick all over his brand new car. Oh, he never called again. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday, full of lots of surprises and no embarrassment. 
Love and Light to all