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The sun always smiles through even the darkest of clouds

Good Morning to all. It is Monday, but for me it feels not like a Monday and not like a weekend either.  My routine is off kilter, I have taken a few days off to spend time with my husband James as he gets some needed tests done at the Dr. He has an auto immune disease in which he was diagnosed back in 2009. At the time he had to have a lung biopsy because they assumed he had Lymphoma. That was a very scary time for us, and I remember I did not hold up as well as I should have.

He ended up with Sarcoidosis, stage zero. Even though the disease is not a joke and must be taken seriously, I was completely relieved it was not what they thought it was. I remember clearly the day, it was raining and I skipped in the puddles through the rain to the nearest coffee shop as he slept. When the manager asked how I was, I exuberantly explained with a joyful response on how great I was doing since my husband did not have cancer. He responded back with a good for you!!! My heart goes out to all to have to fight such a tsunami of a disease.

So now, he is having symptoms again and it seems to be affecting his vision, so more tests to make sure it has not progressed. I took off a few days from work, which I hate to do especially since last week I took off a day because my toe was just hurting and I felt I needed to rest it. Oh well, health comes first. I stopped wrapping my toe and now it feels so much better now, and I am staying positive regarding my husbands condition. He tends to think the worst, but I need to be calm within the mini storm.

This does not mean I eat off routine, and do not find a little time for a run or workout. Tomorrow when all is well, it is back to work and working out with my trainer Mike in the early evening. This will all be ok, and I can continue to focus on working even harder than before since I have hit the one year mark.

As Mattie Stepanek once said

Remember to play after every storm.