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beauty surrounds us

I decided to skip weighing in weekly, and do so every few weeks. Today, after a week of being painfully female and maybe holding on to a bit of water weight, I can safely say my weight is holding steady at 167 lbs. No loss, no gain, no tears I am happy. I am happy but not content and I know where I am going, it is just going to take me some time to get there.

A new week, I am going to up my cardio. My toe was injured, and it was kind of getting in my way. I wrapped it because I thought I should, and I think I made it worse. I know I still need to have it seen, but since I stopped wrapping it I am in less pain. Time to up my running.

Coffee time, and then we are heading to the beaches. My husband James and I are off a few days, which creates food challenges because he wants to try fun summer foods and well I am trying to be good. There is nothing like sleeping in and waking up to the best faces on the planet, Spanky and Rascal.

So, it is a wrap for this week. 167 lbs. Book drive still in full force, and I am getting more books next week. I am looking into my next ten pound charity and getting ideas. 

Happy Weekend to all.


Good Morning and Happy Weekend to all. Today is Weigh In Saturday. I stayed the same weight, I am still 170 lbs. Not sure why or how but it is what it is and I just  have to move forward. A lot of things can effect weight loss fluctuations. I was reading about it today on webmd. If you drink water before weighing in it could cause a rise in the scale. Doing the opposite and trying  not to drink water also causes water retention. It is a fine balance of just doing what is healthy and standing on the scale once a week and them moving on.

My workout Thursday with my trainer Mike was great, again I did not eat enough but I soldiered through. We did the TRX and the machines and some walking and running. My core is getting so strong, and we worked on my push ups. I am so proud that I can do girl push ups now. I am not quite there yet with the boy push ups, but I will be in the not so distant future. I am very grateful to Mike as always for the support and expertise. He is a very good teacher. I am a bit sore today, but nothing that has me down for the count. 

I did eat out on Friday, I ate the healthiest thing possible but I did not take into count the sodium levels. After I ate my grilled asparagus I realized how salty it was. So that may had something to do with my weight staying the same.

One thing though, I can now suck my stomach in and see my ribs. That is huge. I know I am making progress and like I said a while ago I am going to try to focus on my fitness more and less emphasis on the scale. With that said, I still think it is important to weigh in weekly. I will not beat myself up about it though. I am making strides and I am very proud of how far I have come. I am still three pounds from my next charity so it gives me time to do the leg work.

Off for now. I am brewing coffee and making my healthy breakfast.
A shout out to my best friend Melissa Bender @ melissabenderfitness. Happy Happy Birthday to you. 

Love and Light


At the casino, almost kicked out for taking a photo

Salad kept me full so I would not eat anything too bad. At Ruby’s Diner in Palm Springs

Salt is not my friend. I did great with my eating this weekend in Palm Springs but since I ate in restaurants I am positive I ate more salt than I usually do. I control my sodium at home but it is difficult to do when away. You may be able to eat healthy, but some extra sodium and salt is inevitable. I got on the scale and I am happy to report I only went up a pound. My current weight is 178 and I am completely confident that one pound is just water weight from my long weekend away. 

I got on the scale and it is done, now I am off and ready to lose more weight. I have two weeks before Thanksgiving to lose more and stick to my program. I am cheating on Thanksgiving, it would not be Thanksgiving without a little indulgence to go along with my gratitude.

Tonight back to yoga, and hopefully time for a long walk before. Last night I made a wonderful and healthy chicken soup with grains and vegetables and I will post a recipe this weekend. I wish everyone a beautiful sun filled 11-12-13.


Good Morning and Happy Tuesday. I am off to work soon, then my work out with Mike later this evening. My husband James is working from home today, and yesterday I took a day to be here for the building mortgage inspector. I wish that was today, then I could have my whole afternoon with him as he works. He is very happy today. His Baseball Team The Pittsburgh Pirates made it into the Playoffs for the first time in over twenty years. I am very happy for him, he can enjoy his day off and I will get on with my second cup of coffee and my busy day.

Ok, so let’s cut to the chase. Weigh in Tuesday. I gained .5 today. Just a half of a pound, and I knew it because the time of the month. That is not so bad, but it is funny how you know you did not lose, even though you did not do anything to gain. No splurges yet, just Mother Nature letting me know this is not always a walk in one of her glorious parks.

I did have a few non weight milestones this weekend. I bought a jean jacket about six months ago, and even though I have worn it, it has never closed or buttoned. This weekend we went to the beach and it was chilly, so I put it on and I was so surprised to see it close and button fully. Another milestone, I was looking at my shoulders. I have small shoulders, and they have always been rounded. Not anymore, they are now a little square and they even out my figure. I am so happy to see my body changing with the workouts and yoga. My husband went even as far to say I am getting petite. I am only 5’2 so I need to be smaller for my size. I have still a ways to go but these little things keep me pushing. Plus I am so much stronger and healthier. Yesterday the manager at Trader Joe’s told me I look glowing, that is the icing on the cake.

In less than two weeks we will go down to join The Monday Night Mission. I look forward to my first ten pound charity. I will write a long post on what we will be doing there exactly when I find a bit more time. I am humbled by the work The Monday Night Mission does weekly, and I am honored to join them.

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday. It will be a hot one here in Southern California.Love and Light.


I love being a woman. With that said there are some things that I do not love about being a woman, and one is wicked monthly water weight. You can do everything right and the scale will go up from time to time. You have no control over it, it is what it is.

Today I woke up feeling great but I knew deep inside I probably did not lose this week. I did everything as according to plan. I ate clean and I worked out six days of the week.  The scale did not budge, I stayed exactly the same as last week. I weigh 190 pounds. It was not my fault, it was the fault of my gender. 

Time to take a deep breathe and move on. I did not gain, I did not lose. I know I am losing inches and I am progressing so no worries. I am changing my body, my mind, and my life. Next week is another chance to lose and get closer to my My Change For A Ten first charity. In the meantime, more workouts, yoga and eating healthy. 

Tonight is my workout with Mike. I am assuming it will be a little more challenging since I am progressing and growing stronger. He is a very good trainer. He works you and pushes you without being aggressive or pushing you to the point of an injury. He respects your level of fitness and is understanding and motivational. That is probably a hard thing to find in a trainer so I am blessed. 

Happy Tuesday to all.
Love and Light